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Sun. 2/17 - Lower Wolfjaw

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  • Sun. 2/17 - Lower Wolfjaw

    For the Sunday itinerary, I had in mind to hike Big Slide and Yard as a loop. A number of other folks in my group wanted to do some bushwhacking, which I wasn't really interested in. On the walk in from the Garden, the Wolfjaws were beckoning to me from the left and I started feeling more and more like I wanted to go that direction.

    At the JBL warming hut, whose caretakers provided awesome hot chocolate and warmth (thanks!) - five of my group decided to head off to Gooseberry, while two others opted to go with me up to LWJ.

    It was about 10 F and 1:20 PM when we departed the warming hut. It was quite windy too, and we figured this was going to be a one or two minute summit then immediately head back down.

    We cruised up pretty quickly, making the col at 2:25. After stopping for water and some trail mix, we quickly ascended the last 0.5 miles. We ran into a group of guys coming down who told us that the wind really wasn't so bad up there; maybe we'd be able to hang around longer than a couple minutes.

    A little before 3:00 we got to the top and were in fact able to stick around for 15 or 20 minutes. Great views of Marcy, Colden, Alqonquin via filtered sunshine. After snapping a few photos and having more water, we headed back down to the JBL hut uneventfully and got there around 4:30.

    We waited for the bushwhacking part of our group until 5:30, but no show still. As the temperature was quickly approaching 0 F, we decided to head out and reached the Garden about 6:50...again hiking in some moonlight as we did on Saturday coming off Whiteface. (The bushwhackers, as it turned out, had a great day heading up Gooseberry and were just a little slower than us).

    I used snowshoes from the Garden up the top and then down to the warming hut. At the hut I decided to ditch them on the way out in favor of micro-spikes as the path to/from the Garden really didn't merit anything more substantial. For the walk up to could probably use micro-spikes, but I personally liked the grippiness that the snowshoes offered on the steep last 0.5 up from the col. There are six or seven icy spots above the col that require caution but the ice coverage is not really consistent. Everything below the col is great.

    This was my #15 ADK. Pictures here.