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Getting old in the Santanoni's

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  • Getting old in the Santanoni's

    Last year we followed a nicely broken herd path only to find it was a dead end near the bottom of Panther, with no way through the spruce trap mine field. I was able to go back another day and get Santanoni and Panther after carefully noting where we went wrong.

    Yesterday, Feb 13, we started out for Cooch once again. Due to miscommunication, we wasted a half hour getting to the TH, starting out at 7. We wasted another half hour sorting out the crossing to the HP. But we had a fast ski in to Bradley Pond with beautiful conditions.

    Once we crossed, our hearts sank a bit when we saw 8” of fresh snow. After getting to Santanoni Brook, Cooch was beginning to look unlikely but we thought we’d at least get to Times Square and Panther. I was tuckered out despite doing Tabletop and Wright last week and after a health issue arose, we decided to err on the side of caution and headed back. The ski out to the car from Bradley was glorious. I only fell once when a small tree I tried to ski under was lower than expected. Or is it simply the old knees don’t bend like they used to? At any rate, the trail is partly broken on the way up to the Times Square for all you young whipper snappers.

    We’ll get there eventually—3rd time’s a charm.

    PS Since we were done early, we had time to check out the Hudson crossing on the way to Allen. It seemed quite low but no ice bridges.

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    Thanks for the info on the Hudson crossing to Allen. Low enough to cross without garbage bags over the boots?

    Good luck on your return to the Santanonis. Keep at it and you'll get them.


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      I think you'll need some protection, Bill, perhaps up to the knees. Let us know about Lake Jimmy and ski conditions, if you go.