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Glorious Seymour on a Super Sunday - 2/3/13

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  • Glorious Seymour on a Super Sunday - 2/3/13

    Most everyone hit Seymour and the rest of the Sewards early in the season for fear of losing the road to the summer trailhead. I wasn't able to capitalize early, but I did today.

    I figured that after the midweek thaw, the road would be driveable, and it was. Only our car and a truck were in the lot today. I thought there might be more stragglers like me, but not on this day. We saw the other hiker on the way up Seymour when we were descending.

    We were on the trail just before 8 and enjoyed the nice sunny windless day. The long flat portion was ok. And least the wet portions were frozen. It would be nice to ski this route sometime.

    I bare-booted all the way to about 3000 feet before putting on microspikes. Leesa wore her Hillsound trail crampons the entire day. Rev was bare-pawed (and still did the best, and had no problems). The snow depth was less than 8 inches, even at the top.

    Great butt sliding and boot sliding on the way down the herd path.

    Pics and longer report at:

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    Good job Mike Leesa & Rev, looks like it was a much nicer day for snowshoeing than XC skiing.


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      Nice TR and your photos are great - love the 'frosty' hair
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        Nice report. Sounds like it was a great day to be out. Can't wait to get up there!


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          Much fairer weather than we had the day before! Thanks for the pics!
          Looking for Views!