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January 27, 2012: Nye, Street, and Mount Jo

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  • January 27, 2012: Nye, Street, and Mount Jo

    On Sunday I decided to head up to the Adirondacks for some winter hiking. My original plan was to do Street and Nye followed by Tabletop, but surprising slick roads made the drive up much longer than I expected. Arriving at the Loj at a little after 8:30, I felt that Tabletop was probably out of the question, as hiking almost 20 miles would result in significant time spent hiking back in the dark.

    I started down the well-packed out trail towards Heart Lake, passing the intersections for the various trails to Mount Jo. I continued onto the herd path and soon arrived at Indian Pass Brook, which was well frozen and easy to cross. The subsequent ascent alongside the stream through the hardwoods reminded me a lot of many trails in the Catskills. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and the very cold temperatures were not bothering me at all.

    A little ways below the herd path junction I switched from bare-booting to snowshoeing, although snowshoes were not really necessary on the well-packed trail. The trees up high were coated with some fresh snow, which was illuminated by the cloudless skies. Reaching the junction, I made the quick jaunt over to Nye. I enjoyed the views from a little bit past the summit, and returned past the junction towards Street.

    While the forest on Nye was littered with blowdown, the spruce forests on Street were much nicer and made for a beautiful walk. The ascent went by quickly, and I was soon on the summit. I checked out the views to the south an east, and began my descent back to the junction.

    The walk down Street was just as enjoyable as the walk up. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Street. In no time I was back at the junction, and headed back down towards the Loj. Here I took off my snowshoes for the descent. This part of the trek was uneventful. The stream crossings were again not a problem, and I ended up at the junction for the Rock Garden trail up Mount Jo.

    I still had plenty of time, and decided to hike up Mount Jo. After some ascending, I turned left onto the "long" trail up Mount Jo. I donned my microspikes to ascend some icy ledges, and was soon atop the mountain. Mount Jo offered by far the best views of the day, with the High Peaks to the south and east illuminated by the sun. After enjoying the views and a quick snack, I descended the "short" trail back to the parking lot at the Loj.

    All in all it was another great day to be out in the mountains. I was pleasantly surprised by this hike, especially Street Mountain. I don't know if I'll be able to get back up to the Adirondacks again this winter, but if I do I'm thinking I'll try something a little tougher. Maybe the Santanonis, Allen, or Cliff and Redfield.

    Photos from the day are on my flickr page.

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    Happy to hear you enjoyed Street. Street and Nye don't get alot of love from most hikers, but usually it is a pleasant woods walk. I see you found the nice view point towards the Macs which is pretty impressive sight.

    Mt. Jo is a little gem with great views for little effort - great idea to include it


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      We did Street and Nye last summer and I found it to be a great walk in the woods. I think those two get a bad rap! There are views from both, you just have to look for them! Sounds like you found them and enjoyed the hike as well. We did Mt. Jo as a family hike 5 years ago; 15 of us from age 3 to 55. It was pretty much my first mountain experience. It's a great little mountain. Glad you had a good day. I can't wait to get up there! Waiting for the right day
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        Nice TR - Great way to share your photos with description below each one. Mt. Jo is a great little mountains with beautiful views. Hope you make it back for more winter hiking.
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          Great trip report! Thanks!

          I've been up these two several times and I like adding Mt Jo on to the trip! A couple summers ago I climbed Street and Nye in high humidity! Was not a fun hike. Instead of climbing Mt Jo like we planned, we went swimming in Heart Lake instead. I like Street and Nye also!


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            Pretty pictures.

            Sounds like a great hike . Makes me want to revisit those mountains soon
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