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Seward Donaldson Emmons 1/12/13

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  • Seward Donaldson Emmons 1/12/13

    Got to Coreys Rd at 6:30 am and was pleasantly surprised, not only that the gate was open but that they had actually plowed the road to the trailhead. The lot was almost full upon arrival. A couple of groups were heading to Seymor but most were heading to Calkins Brook.
    Met up with Ben and Paul as a result of a ADK High Peaks Forum posting, you guys were awesome and I really enjoyed your company on this long hike. In general, the trails were broken out nicely, thanks to all, but were a mess. We might as well have been hiking in a downpour, the water was just pouring off the trees as the big meltdown was underway. A lot of slush ,some bare rocks , and even a bit of ADK black mud at the lower elevations……..Ward Brook Trail.
    The trails will be rough if/when we get the deep freeze again, a lot of running water, could be a lot of ice until the next snowfall.


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    Gary - great to hike with you as well. Didn't feel like coming back for Seymour yesterday?


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      Donaldson, Emmons the hard way

      Gary, We said Hi in the parking lot, I was with Gary and Dalton. We made it but were slow so decided to bag Seward, so as we headed off of Donaldson we missed the turn, "hmmmmmm I do not rememeber this up section" it was dark and long story short peaked Seward in the dark. Got out after 18 hours and 18 miles.
      Take care,
      Jim Huss
      46-R 8018 (08.10.2013)