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Bald (Rondaxe)-May 8

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  • Bald (Rondaxe)-May 8

    This one wouldn't have been if it were a clearer day up in the HPs. We had designs on bagging Goodnow, but upon hearing what great views that one has of the HPs and considering the low clouds all over the HP area, we decided to save Goodnow for another day and do Bald instead.

    For the kids and I, it was a do-over but a great do-over. The last time we did it, it was dusk and our view was hindered a bit by the darkness. Our walk out was definitely hindered by the darkness because we slack-packed and didn't have a flashlight! That was interesting!

    Anyway, we made it to the summit in about 15 minutes. We enjoyed each lookout view along the way and the long ridge walk to the summit firetower.

    We were very pleased to discover the tower AND cab open for enjoyment! There was a sign a the bottom announcing "tower under repair" and one at the opening of the cab saying "limit 4 persons in cab" which we honored. The cab floor was fresh new wood decking and looked great! We loved the views all around and enjoyed ourselves and took some pictures.

    Our visit was short because we had obligations and a timeline back home, still 3 hours away, but I must say that there is no better Mother's Day present for THIS mom than a hike in the Adirondacks with a view to boot! Sweeeeet!!!!
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    What a concept, hiking a moutain that actually has a trail :roll: .

    what a beaut.. this one was. Plus we had great time posing for pictures and just all around clowning about. Very fun, short hike with a great view.
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      I remember liking this one. If I remember correctly it may have been Charlene's first snowshoe mountain. I liked the views over the chain lakes and also along the little rock ridge approaching the tower. Glad you had a great Mother's Day Katie!
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        It was Dan's (our younger son's) first peak (c. 6 years old) and we remember it fondly!

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          We hiked Rondaxe in February on a spectacular sunny day. It's an easy hike with fine views - we'll be hiking it again.
          "It's a beautiful day!" - Fellow hiker Shin Murnane's (5785W) last words at Marcy Dam 3/28/09
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