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Seymour 7-22-12

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  • Seymour 7-22-12

    After a week at Massawepie Scout Camp I was itching (literally with all the skeeter bites I had to earn my Barkeater token) to do a HP with my son. We had hiked Ampersand last Wednesday (7/18) and had a beautiful view of the Sewards. So we decided on Seymour. I was not sure what to expect as there were mixed reviews of Seymour on this forum.

    We stayed at Lake Eaton near Long Lake and got a late start on the trail at 8:45AM. Why so late? A friend who was hiking with us brought his son who would be doing his first HP. We thought maybe something easier like Wright would be in order. So we were up early and drove to Lake Placid, heading for the Loj--that is until the flashing red lights and police blockade made us remember that 73 was closed for the Ironman race and there was no way we could get to the TH. Crap. Back to our original plan--Seymour.

    We headed over the Blueberry trail over to the Ward Brook trail and found the Seymour herd path easy enough. The herdpath was quite a challenge, particularly the section on the slide. But slow and steady won the day.

    It was a beautiful day and the views to the south and east just past the summit marker were outstanding. And as DSettahr had suggested, the ledge overlooking the Cold River valley to the north was picture perfect. My son imagined what it would be like to hang glide off that ledge. I imagined it would involve a change of undies. Anyway, the close up and personal view of Seward, Donaldson and Emmons were excellent.

    Overall, this was a great hike. There were plenty of places to camp, especially around the Blueberry and Ward Brook LTs. Also lots of water sources along the way, both on the trail leading in and the first quarter mile of the herd path, which essentially follows and crosses the brook several times. With breaks and some extended time on the summit, it was just under 12 hours round trip for us--a long day.

    This weekend (Saturday), we are planning Donaldson, Emmons and Seward via Calkins Brook.

    Here are a few pics

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    Originally posted by Crickster View Post
    This weekend (Saturday), we are planning Donaldson, Emmons and Seward via Calkins Brook.
    Can't wait to hear how that goes - we are working hard to fit that into our schedule in the next 3 weeks.

    Seymour was a good time for us, we did it when the EHPs were closed due to Irene. We thought it might be hard but found it quite enjoyable. Glad you had a good time. That one left turn at the slide is a little tricky going up and you need to keep you eyes peeled for it coming down.
    Enjoying the journey with my favorite hiking partner.
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      my wife and I did Seymour on wednesday, the 25th, and had great views also. the herd path was not hard to follow, with thoughtfully placed cairns at stream crossings. it was a little steeper than I expected up top but we did not encounter any prodigous amounts of mud and the tree roots were not a problem, but rather helpful in climbing. my fat old bones did the trail to ward brook leanto in 2and half hours and another 2and half to the summit disc. like on haystack our hiking poles were more useful coming down than in going up.
      edward hamlin


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        Great post. Finished up my 46 on Seymour last year, and spent an evening on Massawepie lake to wind down after completing the Sewards that week-end. The camp is one of my favorite places.
        Looking forward to our troops Trek in a couple weeks, to help some newbies get at least 1 peak under their belts. They are canoeing up from Long lake heading toward Tupper. Going to pull out of the water for a couple days, and grab a lean-to, to get some hiking in. Seymour will probably be the one.