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Trap Dyke 7/20

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    [QUOTE=pete_hickey;198380]They are not there to directly aid hikers. Without the cables, in wet conditions, hikers were walking in the vegetation, widening the path. THe cables keep hikers on the rock. There were a couple years without the cables, and this was definitely happening.

    Makes good sense, completely changes my opinion, thanks for the information.
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      doing the trap dyke on monday, thanks for the recent report-- can't wait! we did it last summer after a 2 day downpour, so for us, the waterfall was the entire thing pretty epic. it will be interesting to cimb it and not feel like we went swimming when we reach the top

      we did it with no ropes at all, so i agree with the earlier statements that the ropes aren't needed. The DEC will no doubt remove the rope- they always do, and you really don't want to be trusting a random rope someone left, especially if looking up, you can't see how it is anchored. #justsayin
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