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    She wants to come on a hike with me this summer. We've been doing 10K loops over Mt. Royal (500 foot gain) three times a week to get her in shape. Today we went straight up a talus slope, maybe 250 vertical feet. I said to imagine doing that for a couple of hours maybe. She said sure because it obviously wouldn't be that steep all the way. No, said I, steeper.
    I thought I'd take her up Algonquin - lots of bang for the buck. It'll be in June on a sunny tues or thurs if anybody's interested.

    Those paths around Mt Royal are great. Whenever I've been up there, I've seen a lot of people taking advantage of that beautiful park. I try to use Cobbs Hill Park the same way, but it is nowhere near the size of Mt Royal.


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      "She thinks a lot of us look a little too, ah, how shall I say it, generously fleshed out to be hikers."

      I think it was wide angle lens distortion (always shoot portraits with the telephoto lens setting).

      Of course, Doug does call himself the "largest 46-r"!...
      "It's a beautiful day!" - Fellow hiker Shin Murnane's (5785W) last words at Marcy Dam 3/28/09
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