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4-30 Snowy

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  • 4-30 Snowy

    Had some free time so I went up and got some hiking in. First time on this peak and was hoping to get some views of panther and buell, but the cloud gods had me socked in big time. Light drizzle at the start, full rain by 2800 ft. This was also the elevation that patches of snow began. By 3800 ft, it was all snow. The chossy crappy kind where every step sinks you 2 feet down into snow melt. I left my snowshoes and crampons in the car, and I probably wouldn't have used them anyway. They would have been helpful for the descent from the big flat area below the firetower, as that was refreeze ice/snow, and was slow going down. Saw four other hikers today, none prepared for rain and cold. One guy had cotton shorts and a t shirt on, with no backpack or water. I would love to hike that light, but I need water. And speaking of water, the stream crossings were a breeze. 1:45 to the summit, 1:30 back down. 51 of a hundred. 49 to go.
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    I can sympathize with your weather yesterday. We rafted the Hudson yesterday and the weather certainly was not great in the Indian Lake area.

    Luckily, the dam was open early so we took off about 9 am and were off the river just after noon. I felt sorry for all those customers on the commercial trips, we only had rain for part of the trip but I'm certain they had it the whole way.


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      Great, Snowy is on my 100 and Katie's firetower lists. It's on the Adgenda for May 22 (my birthday). Anyone interesteg in hiking it is MORE than welcome to join us.

      I've seen pictures of the view, and I can't wait to see it in person.
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        why not , i need that one too.
        i'll be down there to climb blue ridge the day before


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          I've noticed that a few of the fire tower peaks I need to hike are on the "100 Highest" list. Hmmmmmm....
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