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    When you get to the waterfall at Allen brook do you go up the brook or is there a path along the brook?

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    Path starts out downstream and goes to the right of the falls. Your into and out of the brook as you climb.


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      Is the path obvious like a lot of herd paths


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        Yes it is pretty obvious


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          When I climbed Allen there was a point, near the top of the slide, where it was best to cross over to the left side. The slide is famous for being slippery. Many hikers return with bloody knees. Look up "red slime." At the risk of being thrown off this forum, I will tell you that some people wear old microspikes.


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            I'll pass along some advice some friends of mine should have followed on their ascent - although it's mostly to the right of the brook, it's never very far from it, so resist the urge to leave the path to the right because it looks more "open", especially the small gravel slide you'll see at one point. That takes you away from the true summit. And, at about 3,800', it crosses to the left of the slide, enters the woods, and stays there to the top. There should be an obvious cairn there, and it's below a steeper section of slabs that you definitely wouldn't want to climb up. It's pretty straight forward if you keep those two things in mind.

            Oh - while there's no view from the summit sign, it's worth poking around the small summit plateau, there are actually some very nice views to be had from some of the drop-offs.


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              Last time I was there a few years ago the slime was not too bad. Pick a dry day, and just expect it to be a little slick, and you should be OK. You definitely do not want to just "walk mindlessly" like you were on a smooth trail!

              If you miss the spot where the path crosses to the climber's left side of the slide you will know it right away. Because that spot is sometimes missed, there is a faint and brushy herd path that continues up the climbers right side. If you find yourself on that sort of path, that's your indication. The path on the left side is a huge, obvious highway by comparison.

              (Note that the faint brushy path eventually leads to the south (lower) summit. If you find yourself there, traverse north along the summit ridge to the north (true) summit.)

              At the summit, there's a pretty solid path going east of north that leads in just a minute to a great view of Panther Gorge. (That path and view were not available decades ago on my first visit, so that was a pleasant surprise when I went back some years ago.)


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                I'll concur with what others have said. I hiked Allen a few years ago, and from reading reports I knew I needed to switch over to the left side. Having that in mind, I think I probed the left 3 or 4 times looking for the crossover and quickly ran into dead ends.

                It was obvious when to cross over when I reached that point. It was something I would like to avoid climbing if possible. I visit mostly during low-use times, and forget how traveled the high peaks are sometimes.​

                This is the slabby section at the crossover point, which is high-up on the mountain (I think I read 3800', which seems about right). This picture was taken after crossing-over to the left. I think I took about two steps up the rock and said, "Nope, I'll take the obvious path on the left!" Slime (regular algae) lower down the mountain dumped me three times, but I was descending more rapidly than I usually descend. However, each time it was pretty low-angle rock, and was surprised when both feet slid out unexpectedly! Thankfully, I landed square on my pack each time.

                Click image for larger version

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