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Seward,Donaldson,Emmons trail

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  • Seward,Donaldson,Emmons trail

    Hoping to do these this weekend. Looking at the map where the trail splits at .8 mi do you keep going straight or take that little cut off. If you go straight go .6 mi then it splits again to go to Seymour or the calkins brook trail. I want to go to the calkins brook trail.

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    You'll save a little milleage if you turn right at that first split. There's a sign that says it's a horse trail, but I didn't interpret that as "not for humans". It's less muddy than if you stay on the Blueberrey trail.


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      Is there a sign at the second split to calkins brook?

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    The first time I went up that way (October after Irene), I went right and, when I got to the road, I thought I was on the Blueberry trail, so I went straight. The signs were poor, the trail markers difficult to see (so I didn't know I was on the Horse trail), and my Garmin GPS had the Blueberry trail mislocated, so, all in all, it was a mess. I did end up taking the Horse trail all the way to the Ward Brook Truck Trail and went on up Seymour. On the way back, I ran into a group of people who were going up to restore the leantos farther up (Lean2Rescue) and another part of that group who was rebuilding the truck bridge over Ward Brook.

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      I did it in the dark a couple of years ago...never having been there before, and after hiking Allen on a day of ungodly heat.

      Stay left at the first split (which keeps you on the main trail), make a right at the next junction (you will see a gate not far off the left side and some signs in the area). If you make a right where the gate is, that will be the Calkins Truck Trail. It was pretty hard to miss.

      The horse trail might save a tiny bit of distance, but it gains a tiny bit of elevation. I personally don't know of the footing on the horse trail. In the end, it probably evens out via taking the regular trail.

      When I hiked them, also in ungodly heat, I chose to do DEDS. The hike to Seward wasn't too bad. It avoids the fearsome looking ledges you'll see on the left when standing just below Donaldson at the junction of the trail to Seward.

      Here is the caltopo shot of the area in question...