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August Flowed Lands Trip - 4D/3N

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  • August Flowed Lands Trip - 4D/3N

    I'm headed with one other person to the Flowed Lands area for 4 days and 3 nights in August, starting on a Sunday. Current plan:

    Sunday: From Upper Works, head to an available Flowed Lands lean-to (Colden?), drop big packs, summit Colden, camp in lean-to
    Monday: Move camp to Feldspar or Uphill, drop big packs, summit Marcy/Gray/Skylight, camp in lean-to
    Tuesday: Summit Cliff/Redfield, camp in lean-to
    Wednesday: Pack out

    We have hammocks in case the lean-tos are occupied, we'll be renting a bear canister from Mountaineer, we generally know what we're doing in the back country - but that said....

    Any thoughts on my plan? I know August is one of the busiest months, but staying overnight into the work week I figured we'd probably be in pretty good shape to snag the lean-tos.

    Would you do anything differently?
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    If you get a good site at Lake Colden, I would consider staying there all 3 nights (or one of the leantos between Flowed Lands and Lake Colden) and hike the 2 miles both days from Colden to Uphill with day packs and not take the time and effort to move camp and risk not finding a good site higher up...


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      Be prepared for heat and thunderstorms. Might sound like a given but they can be forgotten.


      • MasonOrange
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        We're prepared for all weather - not our first rodeo in the Adirondacks, just our first in this HP area

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      If leanto’s are occupied they cannot be shared during this time. Hammock camping has the same rules at tents and must be at designated sites only.
      Personally with as many ill prepared campers cooking and eating in leanto’s there is no chance I would stay in one anymore.
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      • Not_Built_For_Speed
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        I had read on this forum that wilderness camping was not going to be prohibited until next summer. I just pulled this from the DEC website:

        If not using a designated primitive tent site, your tent must be at least 150 feet from a water body, road, or trail. Do not camp in areas posted with "Camping Prohibited."

      • ADKJack
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        I had also heard the same but apparently the Rangers are telling folks the new regulations are in effect now.

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      I would also pick one site and stay there for the 3 nights. I’ve done very similar itineraries a couple times and had great trips.


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        I'd be surprised if the lean-tos are available at feldspar and/or uphill. Those are very popular.


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          Originally posted by ILikeRocks View Post
          I would also pick one site and stay there for the 3 nights. I’ve done very similar itineraries a couple times and had great trips.
          Thanks for the advice - I'd still like to make days 2 and 3 a little closer, I'm perfectly happy to hammock camp or retreat to the Flowed Lands area if there are no sites, but I'll run it by my hiking partner.
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            I thought the Calamity lean-to at Flowed Lands was pretty gross... And, there was cooking grease on the floor...
            So, the tent it was.

            The Lean-to's closer to Lake Colden and up around Feldspar/Uphill looked much nicer.


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              There are several lean-tos in the flowed lands area, some are nicer than others.