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  • Roostercomb Trailhead

    How busy is the RC trailhead these days? Will there be a chance for a spot around 7:30 on a Saturday?

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    Mid summer? Its likely busy.


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      I agree with Old Hunter, especially it's not only the trailhead for Roostercomb, but for Hopkins via the Ranney trail and an overflow for the Garden.

      ADK 46r #8003; 6W
      2nd round: 16
      SL6r #596
      Catskill 3500 21/39; 11W


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        This morning 7-18-20

        A little past 515 am people parking in the Roaring Brook Falls overlook pull-off. So lots AMR/Giant Roaring Brook must be full. Can see Roaring Brook easily from Rt 73 and it was full. Giant Ridge had plenty of parking.

        A little past 515am Roostercomb striped spots looked taken. Returning later (about 2pm) more cars there and overflowing. Noticed that the NO Parking Sign with one-sided arrow is on the I87 side of the lot; so I suppose over flowed cars won't get ticketed. Not the same at Giant Roaring Brook later in the day with several cars in No Parking areas.

        Noticed an early bird at the Hopkins PA pulloff walking toward AMR.

        HPIC lot filled at 545am. I was in line at the time and bailed out. Climbed Porter from Marcy Field instead. Had the trail myself on climbing until summiting. Passed 4 groups on the way out of this out and back.


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          No hurry this morning drove by all this around 8:30am attempting to park at the little green sign for Snow Mt (deer brook). Yeah right. Did find a spot at the pulloff a quarter mile N legally. Rangers busy with people parking over the white line this morning. Meaning on the travel side! Rooster Comb lot being used for Garden. Never seen so many cars up and down 73 parked in town of KV. Need that shuttle back badly and more. Slow these nuts down. Speed limiting is so needed. It’s like a early October day out there. Glad to say the Snow and RC trails pretty quiet.


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            Drove through at 11 AM today. The disaster continues; everything is packed, pedestrians everywhere, no one slowing down.

            Albany continues to promote the area, refuses to build more parking, and refuses to lower the speed limit. Formula for death. Pleasantly surprised it has not happened yet.