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  • Seward,Donaldson,Emmons

    Thinking of these next hike. Anyone have any thoughts on the order. I'm looking to go up Caulkins brook trail and then either hot Seward first then Donsldson over to Emmons back to Donaldson and out. Or go to Donaldson,Emmons first then hit Seward and out. What I've read is some say do Seward first because it's the toughest,some say save it for last. Not sure what makes the most sense.

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    I would vote to get Seward out of the way first. The Calkins Brook path hits the ridge only a stone's throw from Donaldson; I think Donaldson is about 5 minutes or less once you hit the ridge. Emmons is also not that far.

    Get a nice early start in case the parking is full and you have to walk extra road miles from the earlier lot.

    Be ready for bugs; it's a buggy area!


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      That's what I was leaning towards. I was on the Dix range last weekend and the bugs were relentless. How far is the lot from the frail head? I've never hiked from there before.

    • tcd
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      I've never had to use the "winter lot" but I think it adds a couple miles of road walking to get to the trailhead. There are some months in the winter and spring when the gate is closed, and hikers have to use the "winter lot." Folks who work on the grid can probably give you an accurate mileage.

      The regular summer lot is a little oddly shaped; even if it looks "full," you can sometimes creatively squeeze in one more car.

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    From The Calkins-Donaldson junction I consider the RT to Seward to be tougher than Emmons. I always like to do the hardest ones first.

    (Some very experienced hikers I know drop (or lighten) their packs at the junction. )


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      The next time I do them, I would follow TCD's suggestion (SDED), but for a different reason. When I did DED, I was going to add Seward and then go down the north side, but I met another hiker on the way to Seward who cautioned me to not go down the north side if I hadn't gone up it.
      Also, when you head out toward Emmons, you do first go up Donaldson but you don't actually go over the summit, which is a little off the herd path on the left, (at least that where the sign was).

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