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Completing the 46

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  • Completing the 46

    My wife and I are working on becoming 46ers and have done 14 of them. We are trying to plan future trips and wanted to make sure we save a really great one to be our 46th peak. Would love your recommendations, thanks!

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    To clarify, these are the peaks we have done so far:
    Dix, Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge, Big Slide, Wright, Algonquin, Iroquois, Lower Wolfjaw, Upper Wolfjaw, Armstrong, Blake, Clovin, Dial & Nippletop


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      My wife and I have Allen, Whiteface and Ester left. We are planning on ending on Whiteface so some of our family that doesn't hike can join us for a celebration on the summit.


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        In no particular order... Gothics, Haystack, Marcy, Skylight, Whiteface, Cascade, and Sawteeth are going to be the ones most people would target from your remaining 32. Whiteface, as mentioned in post #3 above, offers the unique opportunity of having friends/family celebrate with you on the summit without having to actually climb the mountain themselves. Cascade is the shortest of all these. If a big post-hike celebration in Lake Placid is in your plans then Cascade would make that easier to pull off given it's a half day hike or less. For my money Haystack is the best view but the others are equally impressive.

        In the end there isn't a wrong choice really. If you're looking for big views then the ones I mentioned may be your best bet. No matter where you finish it will be special to you though. My only advice is to plan ahead so you don't box yourself into finishing on a mountain you had no desire to finish on. I suppose that won't happen for you as you're already asking the question after 14 peaks.

        Enjoy. And good luck in the rest of your round.


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          My wife and I finished on Whiteface. My daughters hiked up with us and their families drove up. Because they could be a shuttle, one son-in-law dropped us off at Connery Pond and we 4 hiked up the Lake Placid side. After our summit celebration, they all drove down while we hiked down the Reservoir trail and were picked up in Wilmington. Previously, we hiked up Marble from the ASRC to do Esther (by itself) but I hated that trail.

          ADK 46r #8003; 6W
          2nd round: 16
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          Catskill 3500 21/39; 11W