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Water on the Great Range Trail

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  • Water on the Great Range Trail

    I am planning a day hike of the Great Range trail starting at roostercoomb and ending at the garden. I've hiked all the peaks in the range already but I forget if there is any water sources available. I think the only source will be John's Brook on the way down from Marcy on the Phelps trail. Am I forgetting any others?

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    There is water at Snowbird
    Leave No Trace!


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      I used to routinely run that route before the knees would no longer tolerate it.

      Here's the water plan:

      >Start light - 1/2 liter for the run over Roostercomb and Hedgehog. This is the biggest single climb of the day - do not haul excess weight.

      >A few minutes after the WA White trail junction, on the way up LWJ, there is fairly reliable water to filter in the headwaters of Deer Brook. Fill up 2l here.

      >Next is Haystack Brook, near Sno Bird. After coming down Basin and passing Shorey, there are two brooks. The second one (Haystack Brook) usually has more water. 2l here for Haystack and Marcy.

      >Check with ADK if the potable water tap at JBL is on this year. If so, one last liter gets you out to the Garden. Otherwise filter John's Brook.

      Good luck and have fun!