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Lake George Wild Forest - Greenland Pond information

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  • Lake George Wild Forest - Greenland Pond information

    After a visit, I have become interested in Greenland Pond and the Lake George Wild Forest in general.

    Are the lakes and ponds in this area natural? Who made the trail systems? History of the region. Was the area logged? How it became a state forest?

    I am also interested in a trail called the "South Bay trail" that heads east from Greenland Pond.

    The only online resource I could find is a website that I just found this morning called natural atlas.

    How did they come up with that name and all the other names they list for trails? Is there an inventory of state maintained trail names?

    Here are some links to the South bay trail sections:

    When I was at the lake we did see red trail markers heading down hill so the first section is marked (at least by the lake).

    It looks like some of these sections are on private land. I looked at the tax map for Washington County. I would guess if they are on private land there is no way to hike on them or even access the beginning of the trail.
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