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April Trip Suggestions?

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  • April Trip Suggestions?

    Want to plan a 2 or 3 night trip with my son mid-April and looking for route suggestions that are appropriate for the time of year. Ideally no crampons or microspikes needed. Haven't been to the Park in a very long time, so suggestions much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum. Can't guarantee no traction devices will be needed in mid-April. Still may need snowshoes at that point depending on where you plan to be and what you plan to hike. What are you looking to do? A leisurely backpacking/camping trip? Tent? Lean-to? Staying at a motel/ hostel/ AirBnb and doing day hikes? A peak-bagging trip? Lowland hikes? In the High Peaks region? Anywhere inside the Blue Line? What type of experience are you looking for? How old a kid are we talking?... a 5-year-old? A teen? A full grown adult? Ability/desire levels of you two? How many miles are you looking to crunch out each day?

    And just so you are aware the overnight temps in mid-April can still be winter conditions. If you plan on camping do you have appropriate winter gear? I only ask since you mentioned no crampons or micros so I assumed you may not have winter gear.

    The options are endless here. Fill us in a bit to narrow the choices.


    • Learning The Trails
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      Makwa asking the real questions.

      Odds are you will need traction devices for High Peaks and possibly for peaks over 3000'.

      Plenty of smaller peaks should be "dried out" aka muddy by then.

      Welcome to the forum.

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      And one more thing to keep in mind when you get to selecting specific hikes: At this time of year aspect (north facing vs. south facing) can have as big an impact on conditions as elevation does.

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    I did many of my 46 the week before Memorial Day and many of the trails had "snow spines" on them. April...?

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