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  • Sewards range direction

    I am looking to snag the whole Seward range this weekend, and am trying yo figure out a plan. My current options are as follows:

    1. Take the bluberry trail in all the way to the Seymour trail, climb seymour, and descend back down, and climb seward from the north trail. Out and back to Emmons, and return via the Calkins brook trail.

    2. Do the same thing, but in the reverse order. Climb the Calkins brook trail, descend down the north side of Seward, climb Seymour, and out via the Blueberry trail.

    I also considered spending the night at one of the campsite by the Blueberry lean to, but would like to wrap this one up in a day.

    Thanks for the insight.

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    That's a very long day, not sure I could climb all 4 in the same day, but some people do. Given the choice, I would pick #2 as it has better bail-out options (it's better to orphan Seymour than Emmons).

    p.s. I assume you'll be bringing a headlamp


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      yea, 20-21 miles is what I came up with. We'll be starting around 5:30 to use up as much of the day as possible.


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        I've done it in one day and it was one of the toughest days of my life! I did it as per your #1 and if I was to ever be crazy enough to do it again, that's the way I would try to do it again! :P


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          Doing Seymour after the other three is tougher psychologically. Seymour is very steep and goes on for a long time. Then, when you are on the summit, possibly with darkness approaching you are a long, long way from your car. Hiking out from the Donaldson-Calkins intersection might feel a lot easier (except for that pesky climb up the Calkins Truck Rd.)


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            Personally, I'd consider the campsite option, given the shorter days now. But I'm not a particularly fast hiker -- and don't know your speed or stamina. But anyway, going counterclockwise and doing the Sewards first would let you decide not to do Seymour.


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              VerplanckADK, you have not said anything about the hardest hike you have done recently, or better, that hike for the weakest person in your group.

              This hike is about 6200 ft ascent and 20 miles. How does it compare?

              I prefer Donaldson first because ascending the north side of Seward is slow due to the muddy, wet, and slippery conditions. I would rather descend it.


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                My wife and I are strong hikers. We've done a few 20 mile plus days including the Colvin Range and Dix range. We also have no problem with hiking in the dark or rain or both.


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                  Ended up doing Seymour first, then up the north side if Seward, down Calkins. Took us 13 hours, started in the dark at 5:30, and out just before sunset. The climb up Seward was not as bad as advertised. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day.


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                    That's the way we did it too per advice from Joe Cedar. It now appears he prefers it the other way! :-)

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                  The correct answer is "it depends"....... Here is an altitude time profile where you can see that when starting with Seymour and Seward, the effort is front-loaded. Nearly all the day's work is in the first hours. Sometimes you would want to do this (for example when it is hot) or not (in winter I will only descend the north side of Seward even though Seymour is tough at the end of the day with a long hike out). If it is wet and muddy, ascending Seward from the north is really slow. When it is dry, anything is OK.
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                    The only correct way to do it is with a three day trip enjoying a fire both nights!
                    Leave No Trace!


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                      I did the Sewards 3x. We always hiked in, made camp and then did Seymour. Then the next day did Seward, Donaldson and Emmons and returned over D and S and hiked back to the lean-to or tent...then left the 3rd morning.

                      later note-maybe I did them 4x...I know once with 2 others. Once with one other and once with a group so maybe once more with one or two...hmm?