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  • Diner South of the park

    We come from the south (Halfmoon) and parked at Elk Lake for our last trip. Normally we eat at Noonmark Diner. I feel very comfortable just changing my cloths in the parking lot and going to the diner. I order an omelette and my son orders a hamburger and we are happy.

    Is there a diner or maybe a pub or something south of the park where 2 stinky hikers can find a cheap meal?
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    Schroon Lake has several places to eat. I haven't been to all of them, but I can recommend these:

    DeCesares Pizza - great pizza, family style dining (picnic tables indoors)
    Flanagans - general relatively inexpensive restaurant - good burgers
    Timber Wolf - more of a bar, but I have eaten good food there


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      It's well south but there is Scotty's a truck stop diner right off the Northway on Exit 16.


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        Doesn't Newcomb have a diner? They must. And often a food truck is set up where King Phillips Spring is/was. Also, is the Black Bear closed?


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          Black Bear still open. Just drove by there Sunday.

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          Newcomb has the Newcomb house. It looks like a bar from the outside. I know it has a kitchen but haven't been inside.

          There is a saloon in Minerva (Iron Horse?). They put up a big banner for the bikers on the week of Americade.

          The Black Bear seems to do a good business.

          We usually stop at Exit 25 Stewarts. They get a lot of traffic especially after the rest area closed near Schroon Lake. Lots of people from Quebec along with New Yorkers and people local. There's a new store is under construction on the adjacent lot. Looks like it might be one of biggest I've seen to date.

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        I think the OP is looking for a diner on the route from Exit 29 to Exit 10.

        Yes, I think the Black Bear in Pottersville (exit 26) is still open, although I have not eaten there.

        Not much for diner food at 29, 27, 25, 24, 23, 22.

        At 21, there the Prospect Mountain Diner in LG, but if it's a weekend LG has heavy traffic.

        At 19, there's the Ambrosia Diner; I have not eaten there.


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          I've had a beer at Sticks and Stones in Schroon Lake; nice outdoor space as well as indoor. Dog friendly (outside) too.

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            I remember a gas station/deli/store and maybe bait shop in Schroon Lake near the Trooper Barracks. That I always stopped at and that was as recent as two yrs ago. I doubt it is closed. I'm sure there are a couple other places in Schroon Lake at least in the summer.


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              Going south from Upper Works or Elk Lake we always stop in Schroon Lake - several options there, including:
              Pitkin's is on par with the Noonmark - no frills atmosphere with good comfort food (and pie); open 7am - 8pm.
              Sticks & Stones is open later (til 10pm), a step up in atmosphere and selection (and price) if you want to pamper yourself after your hard hike. Can get crowded though.
              If we've been 2-3 days backpacking then we'll typically need to jump in the lake at the town beach (free) to wash down, then change into clean clothes - there's a large public bathroom at the beach to change in.

              I really really miss Mr. P's :'(