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Can I climb Dix mountain with a fear of heights?

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  • Can I climb Dix mountain with a fear of heights?

    I have a moderate fear of heights and am in good shape and a little experienced but I'm wondering if I would be able to climb it okay.

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    Yes! If you really want to. Nothing Technical.


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      What other peaks in the High Peaks with exposure have you climbed?

      ADK 46r #8003; 6W
      2nd round: 16
      SL6r #596
      Catskill 3500 21/39; 11W


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        Probably, but Id pick other hikes first depending on experience level. I had a buddy stop at the top of the Beckhorn trail due to not being comfortable with exposure. FWIW my wife also has a bit of an exposure issue. My first choices for her were Cascade, Porter, Phelps, then Big Slide, Wright, and Algonquin with a number of fire tower hikes mixed in both for experience and fitness. Id be fine taking her on a number of other choices now, including Dix.


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          I say yes, absolutely. Avoid the Beckhorn; it has some moderate exposure. Either the Hunter's Pass trail from Elk Lake or the Round Pond trail from Route 73 can be hiked with no experience of exposure at all.

          Only a very few of the High Peaks require travel through an exposed area to get to the summit via the trail. Some others have exposure on one trail, but there are other trails which are not exposed.

          "Mandatory exposure" peaks: Haystack, Grey, Basin, Cliff.

          One trail "exposure" peaks with alternate trails: Dix, Gothics, Colden, Santanoni, Saddleback, Armstrong, Colvin, Grace, Macomb.

          Of course perceived exposure varies from person to person. There are spots on many trails (Wright, Seymour, etc.) that might be considered exposed by some people, but I didn't think they were significant enough to list.