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Iroquois from Upper Works - Actual Mileage?

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  • Iroquois from Upper Works - Actual Mileage?

    I hiked this route along the Calamity Brook trail this past Saturday, July 27th, and was wondering if anybody can tell me the actual mileage? Caltopo has it at just under 16 miles out-and-back, while summing up the segments on the Nat Geo map totals 17.4 miles. Seems like quite a sizable difference to me. With the heat and sun that day, it felt more like 17+ miles. Took me a total of 9 hours.

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    Nat geo is likely much more accurate than online tools (or even consumer-grade gps). If in doubt, check the ADK guidebook/map, should be the most accurate current reference.


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      The ADK map I have does not continue to Iroquois with printed miles. Regardless, I thought the Lake Colden to Iroquois trail was not too much of a grind. Steep for sure in parts but no tricky ledges or otherwise difficult parts.