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Camping on the great range loop trail

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  • Camping on the great range loop trail

    Myself and two friends are doing a three day trip to the great range this coming weekend. We are planning on following this trail

    and starting at St. Huberts. Our plan is hike in the first day until we cross into public land and camping below the waterline, then we intend on hitting all the peaks on day 2 and camping again once we come down the last peak. The 3rd day we will hike out to the trailhead. My question is if anyone has advice on specific places to camp both nights. I've had some trouble finding much information on primitive campsites or leantos, any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Brett

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    There is only one place to camp on your route. That little green tent on the wedge brook trail.
    Leave No Trace!


    • ndru
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      I never even noticed that before. How is that site? Anybody ever stay there?

    • Bunchberry
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      I have hike pass it several times. Its got tent spots and water. I didn't see a privy but I did not look too long for it. Nice place.

    • MTVhike
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      Is that because at-large camping is now prohibited within the entire Eastern High Peaks (and next year, in both parts of the High Peaks Wilderness)?

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    Do it as a day hike. No need to carry gear over all that rugged elevation gain and loss. Then go for burgers and beer at the Ausable Inn.
    As for the spot on the Wege Trail it's a nice looking flat area.

    You can camp along the Weld Trail below 3500 feet elly (or is it 3,000) 150 feet from the trail and from water. It might take a while to find a decent spot (ie. flat and clear enough) for your tent, unless you hang.


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      Don't use ALLTRAILS for High Peak planning.


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        Originally posted by Learning The Trails View Post
        Don't use ALLTRAILS for High Peak planning.
        I use Caltopo and switch from one map layer to another. The mapbuilder topo layer is very helpful for trailed hikes because it gives distance for each leg and when you zoom in enough it shows lean-to's and campsites. You can have more than one layer active at a time and play with the transparency level. It's very accurate because it draws on Open Street Maps. And, none other than our own Trail Boss surveyed the High Peaks in meticulous detail for OSM . If you register (free) you can save your maps, print custom maps (of course EVERYONE carries a paper map and a compass, right?), place waypoints and draw your own routes that you can then stick in your GPS or phone app. I use it all the time. It has replaced all my other mapping software except Basecamp, which I only use for data storage and management, never for planning.


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          What Neil said, make a day trip out of it. Much easier, much more enjoyable.


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            I don't disagree with the day-hike recommendations, but different strokes and such, I can see the appeal of this as a 3-day route. Day 2 is all about savoring the peaks (weather permitting), bookended by a couple nights under the stars and relatively easy approach/exit hikes. I seem to recall several stretches along the Weld trail that might offer some reasonable camping terrain. Wedge Brook also has quite a bit of favorable terrain even if the campsite is full. Will take more work than day-hiking for sure, but who is it here that likes to say it doesn't have to be fun to be fun...?


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              Pack light! If you have not been on the Great Range, the trail is pretty rugged, and a heavy pack will make you experience pain.

              Night 1 Wedge Brook. Night 2, based on your plan, after climbing all the peaks and getting back to the Lake Road take the short trail back to Gill Brook and camp at one of those sites.

              Start early on day 2 - long day.

              Know that you cannot camp on AMR land.


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                If you want to visit most of those peaks and make a 3 day camping trip out of it, you're better off starting and ending at the garden, and camping in the john's brook lodge area. There is a lot of great camping in there, you can even reserve a nice lean to right on John's brook. Then you can use the orebed trail and the wolf jaw notch trail to form a loop. The only inconvenience this summer is that the garden is closed, so you'd have to park at Marcy field and take a shuttle.