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Sewards conditions, Northside of Seward and thoughts on all 4 as a day hike.

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  • Sewards conditions, Northside of Seward and thoughts on all 4 as a day hike.

    Heading up this weekend and it looks like day hike(s) are the plan. I did it a few years back as two back to back day hikes. A lot of miles in two days!
    My hiking partner and I haven’t ruled out trying all 4 in a day. We’ve had a 20+ mile day once before. I‘ve read some different impressions as far as routes and plan of attack.
    Looking for recent conditions, thoughts on the day hike idea, etc....

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    I posted recent conditions on the Sewards in the Trail conditions section of this forum.

    Just doing D-E-S took me 12 hours, so I was glad I had done Seymour on an earlier trip. You might want to take a look at alltrails to compare your pace to others who have recorded the same itinerary you plan to follow.


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      It can certainly be done, and has been plenty of times before. If you've already tagged all four peaks previously, then you know what you're in for. Get a very early start and don't push too hard too early.
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        The ability to complete all four in a day is a function of fitness level and trail conditions, e.g. - how wet. Downclimbing a waterfall on the N side of Seward was one of my most challenging high peaks experiences. It slowed us down a lot. After that I was fine saving Seymour for another trip.


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          We went up the north side and down the north side in one day so when we came down it was easier.
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            Doing all 4 in a day is not too difficult if you're in good condition. We did the roughly 22 miles in 11 hours, and that includes lunch break and taking lots of pics. That was a dry day after several days of no rain, so that certainly made it a bit easier than doing it in wet conditions. Someone advised us to get Seymour first, and we were glad we did.