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Hough from Dix? Or Macomb et al?

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  • Hough from Dix? Or Macomb et al?

    Heading back to the bugs for a few days next week and planning on hitting a few more of my remaining 46ers, all in the southern reaches of the park. Staying in Newcomb for a few days (to get Allen and/or the Santas) and was thinking of Dix from Round Pond on my last day (a “shorter” hike if my aged knees allow) before driving back home. I have the whole Dix range left and wondering if it’s reasonable to add Hough out and back from Dix or is best included with Macomb et al from Elk Lake? Not sure I’m fit/ambitious enough to attempt the whole range at this point.

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    I have the same question. Looks like adding Hough to Dix would add 2.4mi and 1200' elevation gain. At my pace, that would probably be adding close to 3 hours to an already long hike. At least you don't need to decide until you are on Dix.


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      In my opinion it's easier to add Hough to Macomb et al. as opposed to adding it to Dix. Up Macomb, South Dix, Grace, back to S. Dix, Pough, Hough, down Lillian Brook.


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        Yeah, the idea of climbing back UP Dix on the way back from Hough is making me rethink that plan. Thanks to all for the speedy and sage replies.


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          I did Dix Range last summer from Lillian Brook tent site. I’d definitely add it to McComb. Going up the slide is way to go. Grace is a gentle add on with great views from cliffs just beyond (East of) summit Boulder.
          Fantastic range! Remember, no water sources above Lillian Brook. I carried and drank 5 liters, but took my time at lookouts. Enjoy!

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            I was just on the range (except Macomb) on the 4th and there was extremely little moisture to be found once on top. I sweat a lot and I could have drank way more on top than the 3 liters I brought. I remember in the haze standing under slowly dripping overhanging rock moss below the beckhorn trying to get any drops of water on my face that i could. To echo others, after doing half the range one way last summer and now the rest another, I would recommend going up macomb to s and e dix, then hough and out, and do dix separate, especially if you have any doubts. The descent down to round pond from Dix was steeper and longer than i expected, so going the other direction up it i would not want do dix from that way then down to hough and then reclimb back up to dix (I haven't done dix via beckhorn or hunter's pass trails but I assume I would feel the same about climbing them to dix then hough then back up and out).
            Definitely top off water and guzzle some before getting on the macomb slide.
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              If you’re staying in Newcomb then why not get Dix from Elk Lake, with the option of hitting Hough on the way back exiting the ridge via Lillian Brook Path? Dix alone via Elk Lake is about the same effort as Dix alone from Round Pond.


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                I did the whole Dix Range last year from Elk lake. I thought it was really fast and easy to knock out all 5.

                From car to car my stats from my watch were:
                6 hrs 56 min 42 seconds
                14.03 miles
                5567' elevation gain

                Here is the watch data:

                I did them in this order: Dix>Hough>South Dix>Grace>South Dix (again)> Macomb

                I came down the slide, it was super easy, it was like surfing.

                Here is my gps track for reference:

                Going the direction I did, you get all of the elevation out of the way at the start. There isn't much left after ascending Dix. It just kind of rolls until you descend Macomb.


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                  I also did the range in a day using this same order, and totally agree with your description. After Dix, it felt more like rolling hills than tough climbs. If someone asks about preferred direction to do the entire range, I highly recommend this way. I understand that some people would find going down the slide a bit challenging, but to me, the upside of starting with the toughest climb (instead of ending with it) and finishing the last peak much closer to the exit, far outweighs any downside.

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                Damn. The entire Dix range in under 7 hours is mighty impressive.