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  • Little Pond Campground - Bug Reports

    I'm planning a family outing over 4th of July weekend @ Little Pond with my wife and two kids. Since we'll be camping for several nights, I want to make everyone's stay as comfortable as possible. Wondering if anyone has intel on the latest bug reports? Thankfully I'm not usually too susceptible to mosquitoes, but my wife and kids are. How are the black flies? Chiggers? No-see-ums? Ticks?

    Thanks for any insight you can share!

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    I haven't been too much troubled by black flies so far in my 3 recent outtings. But the mosquitoes are pretty bad (swarms) on some trails when you stop moving. Then again, it varies a lot with time of day, location and weather. So far, I've only seen them on lower elevations and warmer weather. Bug spray seems to work in preventing bites but not in shooing them away. Also, I've seen how they are attracted to dark clothes - not a myth. Anyway, that's my experience so far this year.