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Seward, Donaldson, Emmons - to loop or not

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    I'd opt for the clockwise loop were it not for the blueberry trail conditions. I'm not at all squeamish about water and mud, just would prefer to keep the mud out of my shoes that early in the hike. I didn't mind the descent of the north side too much when I did it, but it did seem to go on, not sure I would want to do it again in my current vote is for calkins both ways.


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      I did the loop clockwise last November and had to orphan Emmons because I was a bit slower than I thought I would be going up Seward. Didn't want to leave my ride waiting in the parking lot.

      Steep and icy was an interesting challenge but took time and was pretty exhausting after the early alarm clock and long walk in.

      For those who find the views rewarding the best view of the hike (from what I recall) from the very top of the ledges along the northeastern "corner" of the summit ridge. If you approach from Calkins Brook you should scamper a few hundred feet East. It's a relatively flat walk (muddy maybe? it was pretty much semi frozen over mudholes the whole way) but worth it.

      As previously mentioned, there's a "sizable climb" (~200') heading southwest off of Seward over a bump as well as another ~150' partially up Donaldson to reach the T. If you're doing the whole loop, prepare for a toughie (assuming that you're more of the normal human type of person).

      In a way the list is the list, hike your own hike and all that but the list is a means to stories of adventures and the bond of sharing experiences both with those who share the trail and with those you regale.