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Planning solo-backpacking trip- need ideas

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  • Planning solo-backpacking trip- need ideas

    Hello everyone, I live in Poughkeepsie, NY. I work a LOT and decided to take a short break (for some sanity) and go on a solo backpack/camping trip. I'm thinking 3 nights. I have the gear and experience hiking and camping. I've been looking around in the lower Adirondacks or the Catskills for a nice trip. I don't mind challenging hikes but that's not the goal. The goal is to spend some time in my brain, in the woods and reset . I may not be completely solo, for safety.. but still debating that part.

    So some goals for any advice you guys may have:
    • No too too far from poughkeepsie. I'd rather keep the drive under 4 hours.
    • Ideally a hike I can do as a "circle" so I don't need to worry about getting back to the car.
    • July 4- 7 is perfect for me but wondering if it'll be a nightmare of people or if the crowds stick to the campgrounds.
    • I don't need a campfire but I'd like to have the option at least on one-two nights
    • Views aren't super important to me. I just want to be in the woods.
    • Given I'm planning on the short runway, any plans I could adapt could be nice. For example, thinking of making this a slow multi-day:
    • Being I may be alone it's probably a good idea if I can mix being in the woods with being close-ish to civilization. Maybe somewhere I could have cell service (just in case). Not a huge priority.. it's more about making sure my wife doesn't worry. I can handle myself in the woods pretty well
    Thanks a ton for any advice.


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    The Slide mountain loop is a 2-3 day loop
    in the catskills
    You can park in woodland valley and do the Wittenberg Cornell, Slide to Giant Ledge


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      Ooh I've been to part of this many many years ago... good one!


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        Alternative to woodland valley loop is neversink loop ("the 9"). Requires some routefinding but includes more seclusion.

        You may already be familiar given your proximity, but take a look at the mount washington state reservation area in MA. Easy enough to plan out a 20+ mile loop (with a shortish road walk), plus plenty of opportunities for side trips. Lots of nice scenery for a small area. AT will have through hikers; not sure about the rest of the park and crowds, but probably not as bad as catskills. Only an hour from Poughkeepsie.


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          Thanks FoulHooked... I know of that area but have never researched it. Taking a look now. This looks super interesting too and allows for some nice customization.


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            mdaubman, what did you end up doing for the holiday? Of note, DSettahr just posted a fantastic (and typical of dsettahr, very detailed) report of a recent trip to the area I suggested on our sister forum ( Got me wanting to plan another outing over there.