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Coreys Road Parking?

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  • Coreys Road Parking?

    I am going to tackle the Sewards next weekend and with all the buzz about parking lately I was wondering if there was anything out of the ordinary that I should be aware of...

    My tentative plan is to do the range over two days. I haven't decided whether I am going to car camp it at one of the designated spots on the road or overnight it at one of the designated campsites on trail. Either way, my car is likely to be parked somewhere on Coreys road from very early Saturday to late in the day Sunday.

    Any info you could offer would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Get there early. Horse trailers can fill that lot up quickly.


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      If the lot is full, is it legal to park along the road? I don't mind the extra mileage, I just don't want to be worried about the legal status of my car the whole time...

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    I once left my car on the road outside the lot for 3 days without a ticket.
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      This info was from last summer so dont know how well it applies to this summer,
      but on a sat morning drive in around 7 several of the Corey Rd campsites were open, I parked and set up at the last one on the road prior to the lot (by the turn around the swamp), and then walked from that site to the lot (pretty full by that point). Saturday afternoon/evening on my walk back through the lot there were lots of cars lining the road (didn't notice any tickets, again last summer).
      Sunday am (earlier than the previous morning) there were plenty of spots open in the lot, and in the afternoon/evening again there were cars lining the road with no tickets.
      Google search for the corey rd campsites if you haven't already. That site (labeled as site 9 on the andy Arthur site) within walking distance to the lot was nice and big with room for more than 1 car/party, plenty of dry flat room for tents including right by the fire pit. Forget about using that outhouse though unless it was completely removed and replaced. I thought listening to the croakers and ducks of the swamp in the evening and am was nice and relaxing.
      I have seen on this forum that the site opposite the road from that one to the north is even nicer but is a rough ride in to the spot.
      Fair amount of overnight spots once in the woods at the lean-tos and otherwise, I really cant provide info as to their usage beyond noticing there were definitely plenty of campers using the different lean-tos as I hiked past both mornings, as well as at least one party setting up tents in the afternoon at a site.
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        I was there on June 8 and the hiker parking was full by 7am. However, about a dozen cars were parked on the side of the road. I did not notice any '"No parking" signs but didn't think to check if cars were ticketed.

        Methinks the "buzz" you'll be hearing will be the one from mosquitoes, though.


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          Pretty sure they don't care much about parking along Coreys Road. It's not a 55mph highway and isn't in the middle of town. It's a much less utilized area than Keene Valley. If there aren't any "no parking" signs around, then I wouldn't worry about it.


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            Thanks All! This was just the type of info I was looking for.