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Alternative to Pharaoh Lake WA?

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  • Alternative to Pharaoh Lake WA?

    I love backpacking in the Pharaoh Lake WA, but my partner really wants to go somewhere new (I've taken him there 4 years in a row). We like the solitude and beauty of camping on the ponds there and Pharaoh Lake. We don't need to do any 4000 footers (Treadway is nicer than many higher peaks IMHO), but we do like to explore a little. Six miles in without a lot of elevation gain is about right for us - we probably can't do anything more taxing. Can anyone recommend a quiet campsite or leanto on a pond or lake somewhere else in the Daks? We would prefer to camp alone, if possible.

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    You probably want to post this question also at ADKForum - more people there with knowledge outside the High Peaks.

    Not sure where you are driving from - it helps people to know that, so they don't recommend something that's a much longer drive.

    Consider the wonderful Hammond Pond Wild Forest; it's the next big unit just north of Pharaoh:

    Look at pp. 72-74 here:

    and this, p 24:


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      Thank you! We're driving over from Burlington, Vermont and Montreal.


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        OK good to know. There's lot's of great remote lake camping in the SW Adirondacks that may be recommended, but it would be hours of extra driving. Hammond Pond is actually closer to you than Pharaoh. Maybe you will find a good spot there!

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      I would suggest checking out the West Canada Lakes Wilderness. I have never been to the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness but have read many trip reports and it sounds somewhat similar to the WCLW. If you’d like to camp alone, the Sampson Lake Lean-to seems to see fairly little use and it is around 6 miles from the trailhead. The lean-to itself is in admittedly very poor condition compared to many of the other lean-tos I’ve encountered, but it will keep you dry and the lake itself is quite beautiful. There are also many other ponds and lakes in the area to explore if you’re planning on a multi-day trip!


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        Might be worth looking into the Siamese Ponds Wilderness. There are two leantos on Puffer Pond; both are nice, one is awesome. Also a leanto and tent sites on the Sacandaga, and another few awesome sites on Siamese Ponds. Very quiet area.


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          Thank you all for your suggestions!