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Old Marcy Dam Trail

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  • Old Marcy Dam Trail

    Is this trail still open and travelled? Staying at one of the Wilderness Campground lean-tos in July and thought it might save a few minutes to get to VanHo-Algonquin jct. Seems to start right there at the campsite loops.

    Assume there is no trail register here, however, so would need to go over to VanHo trailhead anyways. What do y'all think about signing in the night before and pre-dating for the next day?

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    It's still open and I think there is a register just past the camping area.


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      I skied it several years ago. I was with someone who was familiar with the trail, and the trail was already broken so easy to follow on skis. There was also a herd path that served as a shortcut to the Whales Tail ski trail.

      I was told that it tends to be wet in the summer. It's shown on the Trails Illustrated map.


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        I went through there a couple years ago during a fairly dry spell and can verify that it is a wet way to go although not impassable.
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          Its open but its more or less a winter use trail now; probably not the shortcut you're hoping it'll be. Its really wet when not covered in snow and ice, but excellent for skiing.

          There is a trail register along that trail, and if you keep following the trail when it veers right at the Y it brings you out just below the Whale's Tail junction. So I guess in that sense it technically is a shortcut, but you might find the terrain to be a little unfriendly. If you're interested in exploring it, I'd save it for your return trip when you'll be moving downhill and won't care as much about wet/muddy shoes.
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            When I stay at the Wilderness Campground, I use that trail (unless it's been raining recently). If I'm parking in the lot, then I use the regular Van Ho trailhead.

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