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  • Orebed

    How likely is it that the Orebed trail will be broken out on Sunday? I haven't seen much trip reports recently from that area, but since winter is at an end, I'm assuming there will be a lot of activity on the trails this weekend.

    Also, is parking an issue at the Garden at this time of the year?


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    I was there yesterday, but only went a couple hundred yards up Orebed. Balling snow on my snowshoes made for a frustrating morning and I decided to call it an early day. The trail was definable with about 3 inches of wet snow from the night before causing me fits. There was a group signed in doing Gothics and Saddleback on the 13th as well.

    Thursday morning there were 5 overnight vehicles there when I arrived at 7:30 and I was the first day hiker. (could tell by the fresh snow) Of course weekend mileage varies. We are going to the Santa's Sunday with the same hope of some recent trail breaking.


    • WeHikeForMike
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      It was annoying for sure, and a couple time dangerous... expecting grip only to face plant was no fun. Coming down, that much worse.

    • Eddie Fournier
      Eddie Fournier commented
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      By Sunday, the temps should be well below freezing once again.
      p.s. I saw some geese today, so there is no denying that spring is near

    • Hear the Footsteps
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      Eddie. I saw Geese too on Pi Day

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    Hiked up the Orebed trail on Tues to Saddleback. Surprisingly deep and drifted snow above 3000 ft. Most traces of any trail were gone by the col, and breaking trail up to the summit was at times brutal.. I think I saw on Facebook another party was planning to approach from Haystack and Basin on Wed or Thur, so there is a good chance of a good trail, if fresh snow and wind dont put you back to square one Good Luck


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      We hiked down from Saddleback on 3/13. Trail should be in good shape!