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Phelps and TT 1/14

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  • Phelps and TT 1/14

    I was thinking about heading up tomorrow and hiking Phelps and TT. Then it snowed. Does anyone know how much fell in that area, or better yet where I could find that info? (Forecasts are easy enough to find, but finding out what actually happened seems to be a little tougher). Anyway, this would be my first real winter peaks and although I realize breaking trail through monster snow is a right of passage, I'm not ready for that yet.

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    I'd guess about a foot. That's based on 6" at my house in Keene at 1800', and about 8" at Mt Van Ho at about 2000'.

    The weather service has a total snow depth map:

    But it's not all that useful to determine new snow and how much trail breaking will be involved.

    This being a holiday weekend, you will probably have company on the trail in any event, so that will most likely help with trail-breaking and also help reduce the risk of going alone to a first winter peak on an ultra cold day...


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      Thanks. Looks like I have a sick kid to deal with instead. Next chance is in a couple weeks.