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    Need to knock Iroquois off my list of 46. I have already done Algonquin and Wright and left Iroquois for another day. My question is if I only wanted to do Iroquois would it make sense to hike in from Upper Works or go up and over Algonquin.

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    IMO, the easiest way to get to Iroquois is up and over Algonquin from the Loj. Easiest way to get back out from Iroquois and also up and over Algonquin back to the Loj. However, if you've not yet seen Avalanche Pass that's also worth incorporating into your day to make it a loop. Just be aware that this is a full day even if you're only summitting Algonquin and Iroquois- and that you've still got rugged terrain ahead of you after you start down from the MacIntyre Range towards Lake Colden. The descent down the south side of Algonquin to Lake Colden is one of the High Peak's steepest trails- it's so steep that it's slow going up it, and it's slow coming down in. And Avalanche Pass has a lot of little ups and downs, ladders, rock scrambles, etc. But the views on Avalanche Lake make the trip through Avalanche Pass worth it.

    Keep in mind that we're going to be getting into the shoulder season in the next few weeks. Ice up high is going to become a more and more frequent overnight occurrence. If this trip isn't planned for a few weeks yet, you may want to invest in microspikes if you haven't already. Go prepared for cold and wet conditions regardless of what the forecast may indicate- cold rain will sap heat from your body far faster than snow will at even colder temperatures. Read up on layering of clothing for cold weather recreation and be prepared to put at least a basic layering system into practice. Clouds obscuring the higher summits will also be more and more likely an issue. Navigating above tree line in foul weather can be no joke- people get turned around and lost above tree line every year in foul weather with a low cloud ceiling, even in the summer.

    And snow is not far off, either.


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      DS, you work so hard. I appreciate it! I was going to post much the same advice, but you covered it.

      We don't always agree, but thank you for the informative posts.

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    Is your username a reference to this?

    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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      CHUD is family nickname....but movie was a classic