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GPS Tracks of Preston Pond Trail needed

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  • GPS Tracks of Preston Pond Trail needed

    Does anyone have a GPS track of the Preston Pond Trail (from Henderson Lake to the Preston Ponds and Duck Hole) they can share?

    I'd like to refine that trail on Open Street Map and want to use as many GPS tracks as possible. I intend to go get a track myself, but that's just one. Averaging multiple GPS tracks is much more accurate than using just one track.

    You can PM me and we can arrange how to transfer the file. Or you can upload your track to Open Street Map so future mappers can refer to it.

    Trail Boss, who has spent a significant amount of time updating Open Street Map with correct High Peak trail information to our benefit, has stated that he didn't have enough good data to refine this trail. I'd like to gather up GPS tracks so this trail can be refined.

    Originally posted by Trail Boss View Post
    The Preston Ponds Trail gets little traffic. I recall Neil had traveled it several times in the past and may have GPS tracks to share. Other than that, I don't recall Trip
    Reports mentioning that route. Nevertheless, feel free to ask for tracks.
    Originally posted by Trail Boss View Post
    There are a few High Peaks trails that I did not refine using 2017 Strava Heatmap because I ran out of time (i.e. when Strava blocked access) or even the Heatmap's data was clearly sketchy. The Preston Ponds Trail is an example of that. Refining it is a challenge because it sees little traffic and so there are very few publicly available GPS tracks. The trail's meta-data clearly states the available information was sketchy and it could benefit from further refinement.


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    Using the Mapbuilder topo layer in Caltopo the Preston Ponds Trail is indicated. Not accurate enough for OSM purposes?
    I myself have never recorded a tracklog of it.


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      I've hiked that trail quite a number of times. The Caltopo layer depiction of the trail location looks extremely accurate to me. The trail goes exactly where it's shown.


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        I have a helicopter GPS track from Tahawus to Duck Hole that I flew during a Lean2Rescue mission. Probably not what you were looking for though. A couple of times when I have hiked in via Preston, I had no need to bother with electronic aid.
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          Neil tcd

          What you see in Caltopo is sourced from OpenStreetMap; it shows the trail I drew in OSM back in 2017.

          If you examine that link you'll see I included the following in its "fixme" tag:
          This path requires further refinement. Even data from 2017 Strava Heatmap is sketchy for this trail (but much better than USGS Topo).
          It was based on very limited data (1 or two GPS tracks). I relied mostly on Strava Heatmap when it was still available at high-resolution for map editors ... and even it only showed a few sparse dots!

          It's probably "good enough" for a "1:63,360 - 1 inch equals 1 mile" map but far below the accuracy of many other trails I drew. In fact, I'd say it's one of two trails I created that were based on the least amount of available data. Effectively, it's 'good from far but far from good'.

          I hope you have better luck finding GPS tracks for it.
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