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Sawteeth to saddleback?

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  • Sawteeth to saddleback?

    Has anyone done Sawteeth to saddleback. I know you got to go up and over pyramid twice and it adds about 4 miles RTH.I've done Algonquin Iroq. and Wright going up and over boundary and algon. To get out. I think I'm in good shape for my age. 64 next month. I'm not a fast hiker but pretty steady. I hike alone. Not by choice but because everyone things I'm crazy for doing this. If anyone has done this from the AMR I'm looking for time it takes. Approx.

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    How long did it take you to do Algonquin/ Iroquois/ Wright? You should be able to apply that average MPH to Sawteeth/ Saddleback and have it be a pretty good guess.


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      It took me 11 hrs and 10 min.

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      OK... so WAI is 10 miles with 4500' ele gain. A little more than an hour per mile. Your SawSa route as planned is just over 15 miles and 5600' ele gain. I'd plan on 12-13 hours or more. Could be less if you walk Lake Road quickly. That's almost half the mileage for the day. 850+ feet of ele gain on the way in and mainly downhill on the way out. Figuring ~8 miles and 4800' ele gain for the "mountain" part of the day puts you around 9-10 hours, then the road walk adds 90 minutes or so in each direction and you come up with about 12-13 hours. Plan for more just in case.

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    I've done Saddleback as an out-band-back while hiking Sawteeth to the Lower Great Range. It's not a bad add-on, plus you avoid the infamous cliffs if climbing from this direction. On the return trip, since you effectively had to re-climb Gothics, it may make more sense to descend via the Beaver Meadows Trail rather than the trail up to the Sawteeth / Pyramid col.

    As for hiking time - that varies wildly from hiker to hiker, so difficult to give an estimate.
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