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  • Old NPT Condition?

    I realize this is a bit of a longshot, but can anyone comment on the current state of the "Old Northville Placid Trail" from Avery Road to where it intersects the current NPT, near Wanika Falls? I haven't been on this trail since 2015, and even then I remember it being non-trivial following the trail through the four enormous beaver meadows along the way. Any info would be super.
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    I haven't been there much more recently than you have, but have used the trail many times. The last time I was using it, the trail was being maintained up to the third swamp crossing by the owner of that one 40 acre inholding. He had been bringing in shipments of lumber by a hand cart and so had cleared it pretty well. If I remember correctly, the third swamp crossing is the first one that's confusing. (Is it here the route departs from the original route of the NPT? I'm not sure.) One accessed it by turning left off of the bigger road and following a short narrower trail down to the swamp's edge. In later trips I learned to avoid the fourth big swamp altogether. Just at its start I went due east and crossed the brook. On the other side a herd path led up to the New NPT not far from a wooden bridge over the brook, but still a fair distance from the Wanika Falls turnoff.

    I hope someone can provide more recent information. I know I could easily follow the route were I there. I'll be curious to hear your report on the current state of the trail should you decide to make the trip.