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  • ADK Facilities Closed

    ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) is temporarily closing all lodging facilities and the High Peaks Information Center starting March 16 through April 30 to minimize risks associated with novel coronavirus (COVID-19). While ADK does not have a confirmed case of novel coronavirus at any of its properties or facilities, we believe that preemptive action is key to protecting the health and safety of our guests, visitors, and staff. The closure applies to the following:
    • Adirondak Loj & Heart Lake Program Center (Lake Placid)
    • Johns Brook Property (Keene Valley)

    For further details, please follow the link below. Our staff will be available by phone and email, including our front office, which will continue to take summer reservations for these properties.

    We thank you for your support of ADK and understanding during this difficult time.

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    Very tough decision as to whether a lodging business should close or not...Either decision at this point seems warranted. To keep the virus away and help flatten the curve regarding spread, temporary closure may help. But for lodges that need to stay open to survive (not to mention helping to keep their employees employed), that option is drastic. Tough choices right now...We own a lodge and after a few of sleepless nights, we chose to close on Friday 3/13. 50% of our guests had cancelled already, 40% said they supported our decision and were debating whether they should come up anyway, and 10% were a bit angry and seemed to feel this is all being blown way out of proportion. I think lodges are trying to make it 2 more weeks until the shoulder season hits but what if this epidemic lasts through the summer?


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      Better safe than sorry and responsible.


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        Day-Hikers: Hiker parking at the Heart Lake Program Center will remain open to the public, as will the restrooms on the back porch of the High Peaks Information Center. Please be aware that snowshoe, ski, and microspike rentals will not be available during this time. A booth attendant will be present to direct traffic, take parking fees, and provide information on peak days.

        more info here...


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          They really need a basket to just chuck the money into instead of handing money to a person
          Leave No Trace!


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            Last fall I made reservations at an ADK Loj area cabin for my girlfriend and myself. She has had two spinal fusion surgeries on her neck and can't sleep on the ground. Last year in late May we stayed at a hotel in Lake Placid, and hiked to Indian Head and Beaver Meadow Falls one day, Van Ho and the last 400' of the Wilmington Trail (from the bottom of the parking lot) the next day, and Hopkins via Mossy Cascade on the last day, which was wonderful. The cabin rental was roughly the same as a hotel reservation. Lately we've been doing some training hikes here in PA. I'm starting to wonder if my reservations just after Memorial Day will be nixed. If they are, I completely understand, but it would be a disappointment after planning the trip and hikes that she can do (ones with very few overhead grabs).

            Through it all, I hope all of you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. I'm only soon to be 45, but I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime. I've mostly been staying away from people (introvert, so not much of a problem), but I dislike having to go to the germ-factory grocery store - where things here in south-central PA seem to be as usual, aside from many empty shelves. Over the years I've acquired quite a few freeze-dried meals for my solo backpacking trips by just buying them when on sale. They are rare as hen's teeth these days. My only "panic" move through all of this was to fill up a spare garbage can with hose water....which is the backpacker in me thinking. I have filters, tabs, and household bleach (in a pinch). I'd rather get water out of my garbage can instead of waiting in line with one-gallon jugs to fill up from a National Guard water buffalo parked two blocks away if things really go to hell.