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    I'm looking to nab a few winter ascents of some of the 46 peaks. However I'm having trouble finding what access road is at least somewhat plowed in the winter? I do have a 4x4 that can manage less than ideal road conditions, but obviously basic maintenance still requried and in some cases this can add many, many miles to a hike if a road in (unexpectedly) not opened....

    Any good sources?

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    Upper Works, the LOJ Road, the ARC road, the access to the Garden, are *usually* plowed. The road to the Elk Lake property is gated the last 1.5 miles or so, but plowed. Corey's Road is something you need to monitor. Sometimes the parking lots themselves are not well plowed. Always bring a shovel.

    9, 73 and 86 of course are usually plowed.

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