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New Reroute to Mt Van Hoevenberg from XC Ski Area

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  • New Reroute to Mt Van Hoevenberg from XC Ski Area

    I went to the Mt Van Ho XC ski area today. The entry lane and parking lot have been relocated to the stadium area next to the lodge. I asked the attendant where the snowshoe trail to Mt Van Ho was located. There is now a rerouted snowshoe trail leading from the lodge east with new markers (see below, orange markers for Mt Van Ho). It is not the old snowshoe trail (shown on the trail map) because of the restricted area due to blasting. He said they are blasting most every day. Please note that part of this snowshoe trail is on ski trails and wearing snowshoes is required. You are also required to purchase a day pass for using the area. The marked trail intersects the still-currently-under-construction hiking trail to the summit of Mt Van Ho.

    Please also note:
    Signs at the most recent temporary trailhead (operating last summer) at the Biathlon parking lot are still there, "Hike to the Summit!". Apparently it has not been closed by DEC, but the attendant said hikers should not use this longer route because of interference with the ski trails now in operation.

    The previous 2018 temporary trailhead near the bobsled run base is also closed, although there is a parking lot for the bobsled run. The problem there is the trail is too close to the blasting area.

    Stay tuned for updates.....or climb Mt Van Ho from Meadow road for free, but fight for a parking space on the side of the Loj road.

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    Is this day pass requirement permanent, or just during construction?

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      This is a clusterf***, as a result of trying to prove a point. Let's just stay on the ski area side of the mountain if you want to ski, and hike up the existing and perfectly fine trail from the South Meadow side if you want to hike.

      This is NY trying to prove a point about the trail to VH as an "alternative" to Cascade, and all they are doing is making a confusing mess. I hope no one gets hurt in the process.


      • Makwa
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        Alternative to Cascade?! That's a hoot. As discussed in other threads, how in the world can that summit hold even 1/4 of the people that might be atop Cascade on a busy day? It's laughable. Nice mountain with a wonderful view but the summit isn't built for crowds.

        The one big benefit of funneling people away from Cascade and into to shorter hikes like Mt VanHo is that they will be back in town sooner spending money. From an economic standpoint who wants tourists on hikes that take several hours when they could be in town blowing cash? I wonder if this was part of the calculus on this whole idea?

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      Originally posted by MTVhike View Post
      Is this day pass requirement permanent, or just during construction?
      The ski area has had snowshoe trails for a long time, and I assume they charged for day use of facilities. When the new gold-plated lodge and visitor center is completed, they will probably charge for walking through it to reach the snowshoe trail, not that 100 years of fees will pay for what the state is building.

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        What do they charge$?


        • MTVhike
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          Daily ski pass is $20; I assume the snowshoe pass is the same.

        • Hear the Footsteps
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          It won't be the $20 as much as that you can't just wear microspikes and carry (optional) snowshoes that will keep the masses away .

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        Thanks MTV


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          I just access those trails through the Cascade Ski Center anyway. Its $20 to use their trails, that portion of the Jackrabbit, and the VanHo trails though a single POA. Parking is never an issue unless you go on Satudays, and there's always a good burger to be had on your way back to the car.
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