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  • Rocky/Giant

    Hello, friends!

    I'm looking to do my first solo hike with Rocky/Giant. Thus far, I've done Marcy, Algonquin, Wright, Iroquois, Phelps, Tabletop, Cascade, and Porter. All in groups.

    Definitely more interested in taking the eastern route to Rocky and then on to Giant. Not in the best of shape but I'm a skinny, 24 year old guy without any health problems so I can probably just will myself through the whole thing lol.

    I guess my question is should I do this as an out-and-back or as a through hike? My only problem with doing it through is I'll only have one car. But if it's relatively easy to find a way back to my car then I think I would definitely do it through.

    Thanks for any advice I appreciate each and every one of you.

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    If you have access to only one car, then the easiest way to do the through hike is to leave a bicycle at Chapel Pond and hike from New Russia. The road from CP to NR is downhill all the way, although is does have a lot of traffic, especially on a Sunday afternoon. Uber?

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    • wrviau
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      How far is the bike ride?

      Is there cell service in the area?

    • MTVhike
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      There is Verizon service in Elizabethtown and Keene Valley (and on top of Giant and RPR) but no other carrier. I would guess the bike ride is about 10 miles or less.

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    Giant to Rocky and back is easier than what you suggest if you aren't in the best of shape.


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      If you are working on the 46 high peaks list, then I'd also suggest saving a few of the more moderate hikes for later (such as Giant and RPR). I chose to finish my 46 peaks on Rocky Peak Ridge, doing the traverse from Route 73 to Giant then RPR and out at New Russia (the reverse route has a steeper approach with a cumulative elevation gain around 4500 feet, IIRC). A truly spectacular day. I wouldn't want you to suffer through it, as it is a hike to be savored.
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        Whatever you decide, the eastern approach to RPR is not to be missed.


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          Originally posted by jrjmurray View Post
          Whatever you decide, the eastern approach to RPR is not to be missed.
          Totally agree with this.

          I did it as a thru hike and hitched back to New Russia. I'm sure somebody would be willing to give you lift back to your car from from either Roaring Brook or Chapel Pond. You could probably secure a ride from someone on the summit of Giant, during your descent or in the parking lot after you finish. A lot of people are heading back to I-87 anyways so it wouldn't be out of the way for someone parked at the Rt. 73 trailheads.
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