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Thousands of hikers out on Labor Day weekend

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  • Thousands of hikers out on Labor Day weekend

    More nonsense. There were actually people out hiking on a holiday weekend? Shocker. Another article blaming hikers when we all know it is the failure of NYS to invest in any infrastructure in the area for the past two decades that is to blame. This whole discussion is growing tiresome. But it bears repeating for the ten-thousandth time.. NYS needs to get off its rear-end and fix something!


    And this is lazy reporting. Counting the number of groups signed in and applying a factor of 3 to estimate the number of hikers is ridiculous when there's a column in the register that lists group size. Add it up in your head for crying out loud.

    And now that Labor Day has passed I'd love to know what the traffic to the affected areas was as compared to last summer. Did usage shift to other areas or just to other days of the week? Did other approaches to popular peaks see increased traffic? Somebody needs to look at all the registers and report the results to the hiking public. I for one am very curious if all this inconvenience and hiker bashing was worth it. And would love to hear from businesses along Rte 73 how their revenues compared to last year.
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    We've had numerous pleasant exchanges between each other online... But, I wanted to call Justin out on the "count it as three" thing on twitter.
    He's usually a very good reporter but that was one of the cringiest things that I've ever seen in a News Article. State facts. Not some weird self devised algorithm. As you said, count the columns. Who knows, he may have gotten a bigger number than his estimate?

    We stayed out of the mountains this weekend. So, I have no observations to share.
    However, I kept track of the number of people we saw/ran into this Summer in the High Peaks.
    For transparency, we did all of our High Peaks hikes on Sundays and Mondays. These were the numbers we saw on trail throughout the day. A number of times we arrived and had the summit to ourselves.

    The Totals:

    Dial - 7
    Yard (Solo - Weekday): 1 (he was on the privy and I ran away LMFAO!).
    Colvin/Blake - 17
    Grace - 5 (Note: One of the 5 was an Assistant Forest Ranger).
    Marshall - 7
    Dix - 11
    Seymour - 9 (All of them were in a guided ADK club hike).
    Arm/Gothics - 11
    Don/Emm/Sew - 9

    Edit: We stayed out of the mountains this weekend and went fishing for a few hours the past few days at Point Au Roche... You wanna talk about a zero effort way to get a view of High Peaks and the Greens. There it is.


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      I really find it laughable, when the powers that be are complaining on social media about smaller hiking spots in the Adirondacks seeing increased traffic and cars at the trailheads. Isn't that what they were encouraging?


      • Makwa
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        gebby Do you recall which ones they were complaining about?

      • gebby
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        Makwa I don't recall, but I've seen Scott Van Laer and the AC putting it out there on twitter how they are either a) finding trailheads to smaller hikes filled with cars or b) complaining about it. Kind of just a general statement.

      • Makwa
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        I see.

        What do they expect? It stands to reason that if there are more and more hikers in the region that some of these small trailheads will be full. It's just another example of infrastructure problems. Big lots are overflowing. Why wouldn't small lots too?

        But just because a lot fills up doesn't mean that the mountain is overused or even that people are on the trails. I've been in small parking areas all over the park with three, four, or a half dozen cars parked there then find nobody signed in nor do I meet enough people along the trail to fill all the cars in the lot. I often wonder where the people are if not on the trail. They all can't be bushwhacking. This phenomena is more common that you'd think. And much easier to notice in the smaller lots. Hunting and fishing can't explain it all away in the majority of places. I just find it strange. I wonder if people use these lots as places to ditch extra cars before driving into the Loj or Garden or Upper Works? Or maybe cyclists use the lots as start points for their rides? I don't know but these extra cars have been puzzling me for years.

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      I hiked on Friday. Most of the sites at S. Meadows were taken Thu. night. Friday night 2-3 groups arrived and set up at 3:30 am. (car doors slamming, people talking loud and foot pumps for air mattresses made it hard to sleep in after our hike. When everyone was settled a baby started to wail.) By Sat. am. there were cars everywhere as I headed for home.

      On Facebook Ranger Van Laer, in reference to 600 hikers passing the Cascade booth before noon, stated that the people seemed to be enjoying being in a crowd. This was in reply to my comment that those hikers had not made the drive to the dacks in order to avail themselves to "exceptional opportunities for solitude and unconstrained recreation".
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      • gebby
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        There are a few sacrificial lambs to the hordes of people that want to hike a High Peak. Cascade is one of them.

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      Curious, how is the parking at the Mt Van Ho area, to access the new trail up Mt Van Ho? Did it years ago from S Meadow, if parking is ok, would like to try the new trail this fall.


      • Makwa
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        I was there on 5/31 of this year and I was stepping onto the trail they were closing off that trailhead due to construction around the Olympic Complex. I may have been the last person up the trail. They had cut a reroute to avoid the lower part of the trail/ construction and were moving the trail register to another part of the complex. Not sure when the new trail reopens. You can still hike it from that direction but if your goal was to see the new trail rather than a temporary reroute then I would call first.

        Details here...

      • Kenmore
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        As the article states, the new parking and trail to Van Hovenburg is temporarily moved over to the Biathlon stadium while they work on the new lodge for the sports complex. I tried out the trail a few weeks ago. Its a rather small parking lot( at the biathlon stadium) but I suppose there is lots of flat areas that they could put cars in the fields with the fall leaf peeping surge of traffic. The trail currently winds through the cross country trails (maybe 2-3km) before rejoining the new trail to Van Hovenburg up near the Hi Notch - Mr Van trail. From there its a pleasant walk up to the top of the mountain. Clearly lots of work going on for the new Cascade trail as well as construction in the stadium area (couldn't see it but I could hear it as I hiked up the mountain).

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      I went to Seymour Friday... both Lean-to's were empty, saw a 2 people on the mountain and a group of 6 hiking in late that day. Went up Beaver Meadow Saturday to do Armstrong and Gothics. Lot still had spaces available at 7:00 am. Saw maybe 12 people along the BM trail and about 25 or so between Gothics and Armstrong on the range trail. Maybe a bit more, but spread out enough it didn't seem crowded. Sunday did Giant and RPR. Giant, as you would expect was mobbed, maybe close to 100 people or more. A solid 30 on the summit. Heading to RPR we saw 2 groups of 2 and there was another 4 people on the summit.

      Crowded? Yes, Giant was.... but the others were no more or less busy than a typical nice weather weekend in the High Peaks. I will say the Rooster Comb lot had more cars in it at 7:00AM than the AMR lot.


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        I was out this weekend. It was delightful! It was one of those nice weekends where the weather forecast was clear cut. Instead of a 50% chance of rain every day, which happens all too often, there were two really nice days, and then a "definitely rainy" day on Monday. So this made it easy to plan.

        Exploring rock climbing cliffs near the Hurricane trail on Saturday. There were over 30 cars parked for Hurricane. Everyone seemed to be having a good time on a nice day. I enjoyed the company of people and dogs while on the trail. Once I turned off the trail to my destination (less than 5 minutes from the trail) I had complete solitude.

        Sunday we were climbing at the King Phillips Spring Wall. Several groups, a friend of mine, and a nice family were all in there. Everyone was having fun.

        It seems to me that the people who visit here are enjoying the area. Folks that want to go somewhere popular have learned that there will be a crowd at popular places (duh!), and they are OK with that. The smaller group (like me, sometimes) that wants to go somewhere where there is no one else, knows how to accomplish that.

        The only things that are making our visitors unhappy are the wrong-headed and ham-handed interventions by Albany.

        And the only people who seem to be really unhappy are the haters at the Adirondack Council and the Adirondack Explorer. I don't really care that they have their panties in a bunch, but I wish they would stop trying to ruin things for everyone else.


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          tcd Did you read their "report card"? This is a term I don't use lightly but it's nauseating.
          My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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          Because the Gulf Brook road to Boreas Ponds was open on weekends, we hiked from the parking area at the halfway point. Several cars there, most of which had bicycle racks and we saw some at the Ponds, using their canoes which they had towed with their bikes. Not crowded at all. Also had a nice conversation with a ranger there. I think the road will be open to vehicles to the 4 Corners PA this fall.

          ADK 46r #8003; 6W
          2nd round: 16
          SL6r #596
          Catskill 3500 21/39; 11W


          • Bunchberry
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            I think the road will be open to vehicles to the 4 Corners PA this fall.- What does that mean? I was thinking of going to Boreas one of these days.

          • MTVhike
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            The ranger told me that; perhaps next week, but not very specific. He said "after the construction is finished". Prior to finished construction, you can only go to the halfway PA on weekends. He also told me that if you want to get one of the non-handicapped spots in the handicapped lot, you have to get a permit at Frontierland, so maybe they have more specific information.