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A variation of the West Canada Lake wilderness loop

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  • A variation of the West Canada Lake wilderness loop

    A couple years ago we missed a similar trip with Neil, Oliver and Jean.

    Late friday night, we were lucky enough to get one of the campsite in the Moose River Plains. Saturday morning we parked the car at the Brooktrout TH and we walked back to the beginning of the Otter brook trail. This trail must have been a road in the past, it's stil labeled as a bike path, but with the wash outs and the fallen trees, it wouldn't be that fun on a bike. We entered the wilderness on the Lost pond trail, that is even less maintained than the previous one. At some point the trail crosses a marsh and then disappears, I can't tell for how long, because we decided to start our whack towards Beaver pond pk. at this point. The woods were pretty open, so even with the backpacks on, it wasn't too hard. Going down to reach the NPT was harder, we had to navigate some cliff and another marsh. We followed the NPT up to the junction past Mud lake, we quickly visited West Lake #1 then we finally headed to Brooktrout lean-to, our base camp for the weekend. 2 groups of two were already there, but they both had hammocks, so we had the shelter for ourselves.

    Sunday we got up early and we headed north towards the first peak of a 4 peaks loop, Brooktrout Lake peak, which was the easiest to reach directly from the lean-to. We then went east towards West lake pk, the approach was really open, but the summit was pretty thick. Then we headed north towards Kitty cobble, crossing another marsh along the way. We then went west towards Deep lake pk, leaving the summit plateau was a pain, but then the ridge was really open, as most of the ascent. On this fourth peak, we looked at the map to pick our route back to the lean-to. We decided to go south, to cross a brook and go up a pass west of the first peak of the day. Obviously, around the col/brook it was pretty thick, but when we started going up again it opened up. As it was only 2:30 pm when we came back to the lean-to, we decided to take our chance on Northrup lake pk. It's a 2 mile out and back from the lean-to, and doing it monday morning after/in the rain didn't seem a good plan. We expected some nasty stuff along the way, but we didn't find any, even crossing the brook/marsh wasn't that bad, and when we reached the ridge, the last .75 mile to the summit was surprisingly very open. At 6:30 we were back, we had dinner and went to bed. It rained all night and it was still raining when we left the lean-to to head back to the Brooktrouth TH. It took 2 and a half hour to get back to the car. We had some slices of pizza at the Stewart in Indian Lake and we headed back to Montréal.
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    Forgot to mention this, there is a big pile of trash along the NPT between West Lake #1 and #2