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  • Pitchoff Trailhead Parking

    I'm looking to bring my grandchildren up to hike Pitchoff Mountain starting from the trailhead nearest the original Cascade Mt. trailhead. I know there are now parking restrictions along that section of Route 73. Is there still limited parking on the Pitchoff of 73 or is the only parking alternative in the Mt. VanHoevenburg lot with a shuttle requirement to the Pitchoff trailhead?
    Thank you in advance for any information.

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    There are no parking restrictions on that section of Route 73 Pete. Park in lined spaces if they are present. Arrive very early. Have a great hike!
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      I'm not even sure the "lined spaces" restriction is in place in that corridor yet. Have the "no parking on the shoulder" signs gone in there yet? I don't think they have...

      The "no parking on the shoulder" restrictions are in place in the Chapel Pond corridor, but unless I missed it, they have not yet gone in for Cascade / Pitchoff.

      I'll look next time I drive through there in the next couple days...


      • Makwa
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        No parking on shoulder signs are NOT around Cascade trailhead. Been through there a half dozen times in the past few months and hadn't noticed any.

        All the parking spaces in every pull-off are lined though.

      • tcd
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        Thanks, Makwa. That's what I thought.

        So to the OP, if you park in one of the pullouts that has lines, you should park within the lines. But standard "road shoulder parking" rules apply to the entire area. As long as you park outside the white line, anywhere along the road is OK. Plenty of parking still there.

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      Best to find a spot where you can get all four wheels off the pavement, but there are plenty of places where that is possible.


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        Could also park at the eastern end, which is about 1.5 miles down the road from the Cascade trailhead. Limited parking, but far less people.
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          When I climb Pitchoff I typically start at the eastern end and finish at the western end (Cascade parking). I then mingle around the busy Cascade parking area and bum a ride back to the eastern end. Not sure if this would work for you with grandchildren. The Pitchoff trail east of the Balanced Rocks is much less busy than the western section.