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  • tumbleweed
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    Yeah, I just stayed at the Uphill LT last week. There is one tent site about 50-70 feet east of the LT, and another maybe 150-175 feet NNE of the LT. It was a Wednesday night, and pretty crowded at Uphill and Feldspar.

  • debmonster

    The ADK High Peaks map (see link above) shows all of the designated tent sites and lean-tos. I find it critical for good trip planning. The Feldspar lean-to is still an option, located near the junction of the Opalescent and Feldspar trails. There are at least 3-4 designated tent sites nearby. It is a popular destination and can get quite crowded on summer weekends and even sometimes during the week if an organized camp group is there. But groups are limited to 8, so your odds are still pretty good for finding a spot to camp mid-week. There are 2 tent sites across the bridge from the lean-to, which is where I usually stay. These tend to be less muddy in wet weather.

    There is also the Uphill lean-to 0.5 miles away. I haven't stayed there but believe it has at least 2 designated tent sites.

    In case you're not aware, bear canisters are required for storing all food and trash if you're staying overnight. Campfires are prohibited, and several other regulations are in place. The DEC reports that nuisance bears have been around the Feldspar area, so make sure to take proper precautions. See info at:

    It's still a beautiful area. Hope you get the chance to enjoy it. I'd be curious to hear about how it's changed from when you were there last.

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  • bomobob
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    Opalescent camping


    I spent much of the 70s and 80s backpacking and dayhiking all over the high peaks, but haven't backpacked there for many years. One of my favourite areas was up on the Opalescent in the vicinity of the Feldspar trail. There were great pools for cooling off on a hot day, and the wonderful hike along the gorge. I'm sure the Feldspar and "Coon Corners" leantos are long gone, which is fine, but what's the situation up there for camping? There used to be a few designated camping areas that were getting very heavily used even back in the late 80s, turning large sections of land into muck.
    So, are these parts of the trail still heavily camped out? Is it less crowded on weekdays? Are there any good options or ideas out there? We're not expecting the relative wilderness of 1978, but what should we actually expect?

    Thanks so much.