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Frontier Town - New Camping Area in North Hudson

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  • Frontier Town - New Camping Area in North Hudson

    Stumbled across this article on Frontier Town, a new camping option in North Hudson:

    An added extra for campers just outside the campgrounds is a new brewery and tasting room being built by Paradox Brewery, which is currently open at a location just south of the hamlet of Schroon Lake. The new facility next to the campgrounds is expected to open later this summer and offer a number of top-selling craft beers

    Sounds like a decent option for people hiking the Dix Range or those leaving from Upper Works.

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    I wonder how well it will do once the novelty wears off.


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      I went mountain biking at the new Frontier Town campground today. The campground seemed pretty much empty. Looking at it's site availability listings on Reserve America, it doesn't seem to be very busy. Of course I realize it only opened a few weeks ago but there doesn't seem to be a "novelty rush" happening. Perhaps it was poorly advertised? It seems to be a cross between it's neighboring campground - Jellystone Park (which has a pool and attracts families with kids) and the more traditional DEC campgrounds such as the one 10 minutes down the road - Sharp Bridge (with tall trees and pine needle covered sites but little in amenities). It has a Western Feel with the Frontier Town theme running through it. It is trying to attract equestrians and is slowly building horse/mountain bike trails. It seemed kind of fake looking - all the sites and trails are well manicured but cookie-cutter in appearance. The Northway can occasionally be heard from certain sections. Also, the approach from the Northway is ugly! A falling down A-Frame and endless broken blacktop from the old Frontier Town parking lots... I also learned that they decided not to utilize the Schroon River which runs along the edge of the campground. Kind of a shame as the river was the locations most redeeming quality with several nice, sandy swimming beaches along that stretch. Liability concerns? Regarding the biking - the one trail outside the campground that is ready was crushed stone and as of now, pretty short. The Deer flies were really bad due to the horse manure on the trail. . It's best hope - horse riders and beer drinkers (the brewery which seems to be the "anchor" to the concept will be open by the late summer/fall and looks nice). Seems they tried a bit of everything and hoped something will stick. Only time will tell...We all remember when the state chose to open 2 visitor centers in the early 1980s but in an attempt to spread the visiting population, they decided to build the 2 centers in locations away from the main entry point to the Park (exit 30 of the Northway and rt. 73). Well both were given up by the state many years ago and are only open now due to non-state entities stepping in to rescue them... Will this send more people to the "5 towns" and the Boreas/Newcomb area as hoped? It will be interesting to see in a year or two...I predict it will obtain mediocre success... But I'll be back when the beer and burgers are flowing!


      • Learning The Trails
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        I'm somewhat interested in stopping by when Paradox opens (I love their stuff).
        I think NY has done a lot to promote Frontier Town. I see an ad for it whenever I'm on social media.

        Sharp Bridge is my jam. It's simplicity is one of my favorite things about it.

      • DayTrip
        DayTrip commented
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        Did Paradox Brewing close? Two years ago friends I car camped with went over there while I was hiking. Said the beer was good but it was a pretty basic building with a few picnic tables, etc.

      • MTVhike
        MTVhike commented
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        A couple of weeks ago I stopped by the Paradox facility in Schroon Lake. It had just closed for the day, but I had a chance to talk to the owner (?) about their facilities and was told that it would be awhile before the new one opens, but the current one will remain in use until then.

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      As a side note, the A-frame building is under different, private ownership than the rest of Front. Town. It is not up for sale (AFAIK) and was not included in the purchase/takeover of the theme park and rest of the property.


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        Right... As I recall the A-frame was sold in December to the same Schroon Lake based company that owns the gas station there ($425,000). Why didn't the state buy it (it was for sale for years) and make that a main entrance drive as it was for Frontier Town? The roadway is actually still there. Maybe make an attractive entranceway, visible from the Northway?...I can only guess that the Plattsburgh based state economic agency that was involved in getting the anchor brewery wants private development there - possibly a store, lodging, retail, guiding outfit etc....I've also read that a way to get over/under the Northway and a snowmobile trail to Newcomb (through the non wilderness portion of the new Boreas area) will be built. Thus the large parking lot next to the seasonal campground that I parked in will be used in the winter as well as in the summer (for horses and mountain biking). In my uninformed opinion, they need to clean the existing approach areas up, use the river better with canoes and swimming, and make trails on the other side of the Northway for biking, hiking and climbing (there are several good cliffs nearby). Climbers/hikers/bikers like beer too! I really don't know the potential for horse business as that is out of my experience but I really wouldn't stay there if I were to come here to bike, climb and or hike...The feel and the flies wouldn't attract me...Luckily it is easy to change the layout if the horse concept doesn't do well though...


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          Not sure I ever liked the idea of the Government building a campground to compete with private business.

          The Yogi Bear Jellystone campground is virtually across the street. I checked just now, and it has plenty of vacancies.

          So the state is taking my tax dollars ($25 million?) and using that to attack a local private business. I have a hard time with that being a good idea...


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            Once Paradox opens anyone who cannot find a parking space along Route 73 can stop there on the way home and cry in their beer. How much money can the state expect to make off of DWI fines to help pay for the campground? Ingenious!


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              Good article... Questions Surround New Frontier Town Campground Trail System



              • MJK
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                "Basil Seggos, the DEC Commissioner, states that the campground will help to disperse public use out of the High Peaks Wilderness. I question his logic."

                I've never even been to the Adirondacks and this made me laugh out loud. . .that guy's not really the Commissioner, right?

              • tcd
                tcd commented
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                I have come to the conclusion that these guys like Seggos know damn well that this is nonsense. All this is is "the party line" from the top. And guys at his level are simply operating on "if we repeat this enough, people may begin to believe it's true."

                The entire program in the High Peaks region is completely off the rails at this point. But if you look at it from the point of view of people from other parts of the country who are completely unfamiliar with the area, you notice that there are things that can be sold as "accomplishments" in the future. Think "Cuomo 2024" and you will start to see why this stuff is happening, and no one seems to be able to explain it or question it.