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Wedge Brook or WA White?

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  • Wedge Brook or WA White?

    Ascending to the Wolfjaws from Ausable Club. Which is the preferred route? Wedge Brook or WA White trail? The WA White trail seems to be a more gradual ascent looking at the map.

    Planned Route is to summit LWJ>UWJ>Armstrong>Gothics and return via Beaver Meadow Trail. We hiked Sawteeth vis Scenic 2 weeks ago so I don't need to catch that one.


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    WB is the most popular route as it is more direct from the AMR parking. I don't recall anything complicated about it. True, the last portion is steeper, but nothing difficult about it.


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      Yes, Wedge Brook is the common means. Nice trail.

      Regarding your planned route, might I suggest you continue past Gothics and go over Pyramid Peak, coming down the trail you used for Sawteeth. Pyramid has a rather spectacular view.


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        There's two primary schools of thought with this grouping of peaks. One is to get the more dramatic views as you go, and save the road walking miles for the end of the day when you're feeling gassed. The other is to start the harder climbing further out and knock out a good chunk of ascent on the easy lake road while your legs are fresh (~500ft), and then go up the Weld trail to Pyramid > Gothics > UWL > LWJ and then down the Wedge Brook. Not only does this give you a reasonable bail out option along the way but it also front loads your longest ascent, which is the lake road, up over Pyramid to Gothics. Its all "down hill" from there. Once you get to LWJ summit it'll be easier to make the call of continuing along the WA White trail, or simply dropping down the WB to the lake road. Personally, I prefer the second option of completing this hike as a clock-wise loop; up Weld, over, down Wedge (or White). Both the Weld and Wedge Brook trails are fairly smooth and gradual, except for their upper most portions, so either way will make a nice loop.
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          If you do the clockwise loop, as FF&B suggests, you have the additional advantage that if you have to bail at Wolf Jaw Gap, LWJ itself makes a nice loop, up Wedge Brook and down WA White, and its pretty close to the parking lot. Or, you can do LWJ from the Bennies Brook Slide.

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            I never want to climb LWJ from any other route than Bennies.

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          WA is really nice, in my humble, and seems overlooked, maybe because it's longer? What's "fun" about it is that you get to go over and down the Wolf's Chin, which is an interesting haul through the slobber, before you go up the last bit of LWJ. I found it steep and exposed the first time, but kind of thrilling.... and not many folk go that way. You'd likely have it to yourself.

          And I'd echo another posters idea of going over Pyramid on the way back from Gothics. Its really is spectacular, doesn't add a ton of distance, the views back are breathtaking and one does gets the sense of being very exposed out there.... one last thrill before you go home.

          Have fun!