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  • Shepherd's Tooth info?

    I'm heading back up to the high peaks tomorrow (Thursday), and as part of our trip, a hiking partner and myself will be heading to Shepherd's Tooth from Iroquois. He says there's a herd path from Iroquois, but has never been on it. He also says there's a "chimney" from Shepherd's Tooth down to Cold Brook Pass. I'm sure we'll find our way just fine, but if not, just back track. Can anyone share any info on this route?

    Thanks in advance. Full trip report will be made.
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    These may be of help...


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      Looks like a lot of fun!

      Andrew Lavigne's site seems to have what you are looking for.
      - You'll find a detailed trip report here (map on p.4):
      - And the associated GPS track points:


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        Makign your way to the Shepherd's Tooth is pretty straight forward. You'll just do the rock walk south west off Iroquois' summit unit you come across the herd path. Its going to take you more or less due south before angling back WSW onto the tooth.

        From there things get trickier, depending on how much cruddy ice and rotten snow is still sitting up there, and how much usage this route has gotten over the last few years. From the top of the Tooth you're going to pick your way down to a "crease" that runs SE along the SW face of the Tooth's base. Once across that make your way SSW to kind of a steep drainage. I'm not sure if I'd call that portion a chimney, per se', but its pretty gnarly. That drainage is going to end just above a headwall where you'll have to more or less shimmy down something that I'd definitely consider more of a chimney. This is the one place in the ADK where I actually questioned what the F I was doing with my life. Looking back, I probably picked the wrong way to get down that last leg.

        Hopefully somebody else will chime in with some better details...

        Edit: and somebody did, thankfully.
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          Nice to have a gpx track, but FlyFishingandBeer summarized it pretty well. I've climbed it a few times, although not recently. Always went up from Iroquois pass; it just felt like more of an accomplishment that way to finally land on the Tooth! From the pass, you just look at the cliff band and try to find the gully or drainage that you feel comfortable with climbing. Coming down from the top, it's kind of whichever one you end up in, since you don't get to see the choices from above. Getting there from Iroquois is pretty obvious, but for some inexplicable reason, there isn't a well defined path from the Tooth down to the pass.


          • Yury
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            "Getting there from Iroquois [pass] is pretty obvious".
            I would rephrase it as "somewhat obvious".
            Once I tried and failed to find this route.

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          From summit of Iro:
          find herd path and a few cairns. Follow down.
          at tree-line ensure you are on the herd path
          shortly after: path splits, best path slightly hidden by vegetation but heads hard right and almost immediately ascends a rock.
          Descend herd path. Whether you are on the better of the two or not doesn't matter. They are both quite scruffy and do not resemble in any way a typical herd path to a high peak.
          Arrive at Iro-Tooth col and ascend Tooth
          Descend from Tooth on right (west) side through medium-thick vegetation and keep going.
          Pick up incipient herd path and stay with it for a while (10-20 mins)
          Arrive at cliffs and make a hard left.
          Traverse above cliffs for 2-3 mins. Note indications of previous hikers.
          Arrive at 5-foot vertical drop and descend into gully/chimney.
          Pick your way down through very steep and rugged terrain to the trail

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            Awesome! Thanks for all the info and the links. It's sounds pretty doable if we can find the right way down. Fingers croxxed.
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