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Lilypad Pond via the N Fork Boquet River from Rt 73

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  • Lilypad Pond via the N Fork Boquet River from Rt 73

    It's been a while since I headed up the N. Fork Boquet herd path and I've been reviewing this thread, which is loaded with info.
    My choices are:
    1. start with the "high water route" and avoid the main crossing. This path will join the main one.
    2. start on the south side of the Boquet and see if the main crossing is do-able.
    3. if the water is too high at the main crossing I can follow the river to Shoebox Falls and cross there.
    4. or, I can stay on the south side, cross the path to Rhododendron Pond at a right angle, detour left around a swampy area and bushwhack to Lilypad pond and pick up the herd path there.
    My first choice would be #1. Any body care to guess as to the water level in the Boquet this Saturday?

    By the way , I'm attempting a bushwhack of Dix via the long east ridge above the north side slides in case anyone is interested. Satellite imagery indicates a number of viewing rocks along the way.

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    Neil, I would go with #3.

    >I think the water level will be down quite a bit by Saturday. The snow melt in that area is over, and today and tomorrow look to be (mostly) dry.

    >The old high water trail is pretty hard to use anymore. Much of it is obscured. The "main trail" on the south side, on the other hand, is a fast, easy highway.

    >The "main crossing" or as I call it the "original crossing" has always been a pretty poor crossing, and many of the stepping stones are underwater even at moderate water levels. On the other hand, the "new crossing" at shoebox is scenic and excellent, and almost always easy.

    >The brief walk along the bank of the river on the way to shoebox, before the trail goes back into the woods might be a bit "splashy" but it's a short section.